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Avoid making career decisions for the wrong reasons

Avoiding wrong job decisions

Making executive career and professional job decisions comes with varying degrees of contemplation, reward and risk.  But it’s not just the choice that matters, but equally, if not more so, why it was made.  This blog will helps to avoid making career decisions for the wrong reasons. There are many elements and incentives that sway…

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How to get career & job search clarity?

Getting career and job clarity

How to get career & job search clarity?   Start reflecting on your  WHAT not your WHY.    After many years in a career or company, there can be a sense of confusion on what roles to focus on. Or you may be considering becoming self employed. Contemplating a new job or career change needs to…

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Don’t think you are unique? Well think again!

No one does exactly what you do in the same way you do it.   This is a reality statement, not a value judgement.  So if you don’t think you are unique, well think again!  Just like fingerprints, there are no two the same. Every fingerprint is unique and impossible to replicate as is every persons…

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RUOK with being ageist?

Are you happy with ageism attitudes that harm people

RUOK day in Australia falls around the 2nd week of September.   This year I am posing a question – RUOK with being ageist?   Hard question for many.  That’s good as ageism impacts peoples mental health across all ages and needs personal reflection. The RUOK message is very important as it focusses on wellbeing,  mental health…

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