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How to choose LinkedIn and SEO services

How to choose a good LinkedIn or SEO service

One of the biggest concerns for businesses and consultants is how to choose LinkedIn and SEO services. Wrong choices with dodgy or ineffective services will cost dearly. Some background as opinions of an industry derive from personal experience or hearsay.  The 2019 Ipsos Global Trust in Professions poll ranked Politicians trust levels at 10% and…

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LinkedIn content preferences revealed

LinkedIn content preferences revealed may change content strategies.   Assumptions and hype without critical analysis and unbiased feedback is a recipe for social media marketing disaster. Every platform holds distinctive value positioning in attracting and retaining members with LinkedIn being the flagship of professionals and businesses.  And great content drives eyeballs, builds trust and commercial relationships.…

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Personal branding lessons from a vegetable peeler

Who would have thought a basic kitchen utensil  would be a source of communication and personal branding wisdom?  Well read on. There are many personal branding lessons from a vegetable peeler. Lockdown and recipe repertoire  Like so many in recent months, my passion for cooking was reignited.  Mind you I had always been pretty deft…

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