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Career clichés that make you look like a duck

Dont use use Career cliches Dare Group Australia

There are a many career clichés that make you look like a duck   What are they, why do people use them and how to stand out uniquely?  These and more questions (and ducks) follow in this article. Now, unless you are a food group you are not ‘seasoned’.  And unless comatose you will mostly likely…

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Building trust by stopping bulldust excuses

Dont make bulldust excuses in business

Trust and integrity are core values and  assets in business and life.   And central is building trust by stopping bulldust excuses.  Trust and integrity are essential assets in our professional and personal lives. But a reputation as a bit of a Pinocchio won’t help your goals, business and self esteem. And not being able to discern who…

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Why email lead magnets are losing impact

Lead magnets are losing impact

In the age of email overwhelm and content saturation  email lead magnets are losing impact. Known also as ethical bribes is there a better way to educate and influence prospects? People are growing tired of being bombarded and treated as forgetful numskulls that need constant sales messages and service reminders in their inboxes. WHAT IS…

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