Why Australian businesses must embrace age diversity

Businesses and recruiters are reporting a significant candidate short market in a wide range of roles at levels not experienced for many years.   Many workplace analysts and recruiters predict 2021 will be one of the toughest years for talent acquisition for over 10 years.   The latest SEEK Employment Report  announced that March this year recorded…

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The real reason you are being interviewed

Do you know the real reason you are being interviewed?  As you are  plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager this question may be well swirling in your mind.   You may have found your way there via a job advertisement, a referral or your own career protectiveness.  But however you…

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Interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts

Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it.   Most hiring managers ask the same banal questions.  Below I outline interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts.  This will  elicit really valuable answers. Both sides enter an interview seeking to learn the truth about each other and yet what is learnt…

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