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Attract more clients by saying no to the wrong ones

What are your personal and business brand non negotiables?   Who you refuse to work with says as much about your personal brand as who you will work with.    Are you willing to attract more clients by saying no to the wrong ones? Are  there industries that you just will not tolerate working for/with?  Is…

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How to keep out of LinkedIn Jail

Many people are in  LinkedIn jail but have NO idea that each day their sentence gets extended (sad but true).  Knowing how to keep out of LinkedIn jail is so important. I originally wrote this in March 2018 and will regularly update it as needed. The algorithm beast, AI  and engineering back end processes mean…

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Don’t Try and Game Your LinkedIn NAME Field

Emails, Mobiles, Symbols, Extra Information (other than Suffixes) are NOT  permitted on the Name Field on LinkedIn – it can and will compromise your account and how you are searched and found.  DONT RISK IT! We all want to be clever and increase our  visibility on LinkedIn.  But trying to be a bit of a…

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Stand Out on LinkedIn with Personalised Messages

Take the time and effort to personalise your messages on LinkedIn to stand out.  Personalised messages are critical for effective social selling and relationship building. Sending generic lazy spray and pray messages are ineffective and will not do your business or  personal brand any favours. Sending  personalised and interesting LinkedIn  messages and campaigns will achieve stronger…

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