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The power of media & how to reach unknown markets

Regular and targeted  media exposure is highly valuable.   Visibility, credibility and awareness are key outcomes of both the individual and topics at hand.   Small to large businesses and self employed consultants should never underestimate the  power of solid media exposure. Raising market visibility and trust by virtue of exposure in top media (niche, B2B or…

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Under the covers of branding & thought leadership

Not everyone is, can be or wants to be a thought leader, major influencer or a big brand personality.  And that’s perfectly ok.  Not everyone should and could anyhow.   But everyone can be relevant, real and the best version of themselves.  In this article I get  under the covers of branding, personal profiles  and thought…

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How to give and ask for recommendations

Giving recommendations

Recommendations (testimonials) are highly valuable in building personal and business brand trust. But asking and giving them can be difficult.  In this article I will show how to give and ask for recommendations.. And I will shine a light on the pitfalls to avoid and look out for as discerning genuine testimonials from false  ones…

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Cutting through ageism bullshit

Cutting through ageism

Everyone no matter their gender, race or age can be a total idiot, an amazing talent or somewhere in between.  Hard truth is ageism is a social issue stoked by all ages, races and genders.   It’s time to really start cutting through ageism bullshit. . There I said it. We are all to blame in…

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