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Sue works with clients in Australia, the UK, USA and New Zealand navigating with ease different time zones.

Contact:  Sue Parker

Phone:       0416 385 779   


Address:    Toorak Road, Toorak,  Victoria 3142

Postal:        P O Box 84, Forest Hill, Victoria 3131

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Latest Articles

A few of  Sue's  latest  blogs to inform,  educate and motivate.

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How to get career & job search clarity?

How to get career & job search clarity?   Start reflecting on your  WHAT not your WHY.    After many years...
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Do you feel like a hiring puppet on a string?

Way back in 1967 Sandie Shaw recorded the hit song Puppet on a String.  Whilst the lyrics were written for...
What being overqualified really means

What does being overqualified really mean? Cracking the hiring code

What does being overqualified really mean?  Is it about ageism? Is it just a lazy trite hiring excuse?  How can...