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 Sue Parker, Chief Human

Let's chat about the fun bits first.   Sue is slightly (well not so slightly) obsessed with opportunity shops, musical theatre, decorating,  champagne, baking scones and  belly laughter. 

Banter and comedy is her jam.  She lives with  2 humans on 4 legs  (Cavalier Spaniels) and her much adored and talented husband in Melbourne. 

Now for the professional part.  Sue is motivated by a burning passion to lift others up by helping them identify, own and promote their unique professional expertise and human value.  She is also a  fierce advocate in breaking down and through ageism and stereotypes.

She launched her first business Dynamic Visions Group (a media recruitment and and training  agency) in 2004.   Prior she had over  25  years in  sales, training  and  marketing  in  corporates, SMEs and government  including Yellow Pages, Val Morgan, Focus Newspaper, AICD,  RMIT, Health Services Australia and Financial Times Publishing.

There have not been many career and commercial issues  Sue hasn't faced head on.  Many challenges led to triumphs and many  to failure and tears.  But all those experiences and  a lifelong refusal to follow the status quo led to launching DARE Group in 2015. 

The  purpose was  not just commercial  but to impact and share the human condition, fears and problems that people and businesses  face.    No one is alone!

Stories, media and rich communications is in in her DNA.   She is a regular media columnist and contributor who dares to go where few will.


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