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What I do

Simply put - I help businesses, practices and consultants attract their ideal clients.  I do that by identifying, packaging and promoting their personal brands, business value and unique selling points.   I cut through the clutter to raise clients market awareness and positioning to inspire and  drive sales conversations.

The goal is that every client stands out confidently and becomes a  trusted  'go-to-authority'  and a 'business of difference' in their field.

Who I work with and help


Professional  Service Businesses, Practices & Consultants 

I work with  clients in  saturated and highly competitive service markets. They may be accountants, lawyers, management consultants, psychologists, chiropractors, photographers or web designers (just a few examples of clients).

The  common thread with all is they are seeking to  grab a  piece of their ideal market pie.  And their industry may be facing considerable disruption, a flood of new entrants or just stuck in the past.   But they have a great sense of discovery, an open mind and a desire to review, try  and  do things differently.  They are brave, have integrity  and care equally about people and profits.

Clients  may  be facing  urgent challenges  that require  quick actions and solutions.  And/or they  may need  a longer term strategic development focus.   They  may be launching a new business, are well established, re-branding  or expanding.   

And many clients are seeking stronger  ROI from their current LinkedIn and marketing services.  But everyone shares the same expectations of  creative  solutions, value and a service partner that will go the extra mile.


Sue Parker Brand Book

A little about me

I launched my first business in 2004 in media recruitment and training which I ran for  11 years.  I had also clocked up a 20  year sales and  marketing  career within  corporates, government  & SMEs.  Yellow Pages, Val Morgan, Focus Government Newspaper, AICD,  RMIT, Health Services Australia and World Masters of Business are to name a few.

So there have not been many commercial issues  I haven't seen or faced head on.  Many challenges led to triumphs and many led to failure and tears.  But all those experiences and  a lifelong refusal to follow the norm and status quo led me to set up DARE Group.  My goal and purpose is to make both a real human impact whilst helping clients achieve their business goals.  

I  love  musical theatre, psychology, creative writing and  interior decorating.   I also have  an  obsession for exploring opportunity shops and  putting a smile on peoples faces.    In a previous life I think I may have been a  singer songwriter but in this one I cannot sing a note to save myself.   Oh and I absolutely adore black coffee, great wine and  life with my  super talented  husband and our two  hilarious human like Cavalier Spaniels.  

How to use LinkedIn to attract clients

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How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of Know-Like-Trust

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette

Leverage LinkedIN

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DARE helps professional, health  and creative service businesses stand up and out to attract their ideal clients with crystal clear clarity and purpose. We do that by showing them how to play a bigger and more effective game.

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