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How I help

Many people grapple with how to communicate their services, skills and unique value. And marketing and selling themselves is stressful and confusing.

But unless your message, brand and communications is crystal clear and inspiring you wont be able to grow your business or consulting practice.

I help professional services and creative businesses attract their ideal clients and opportunities with clarity and purpose.  I do that by showing them how to step up and play a bigger, more enjoyable and effective game via powerful personal and business branding , LinkedIn training, marketing & media content communications.  Everything is interlinked yet can be stand alone solutions.

Working with clients in competitive and/or saturated markets which are facing disruption and client challenges is a particular passion. My goal is that every client becomes 'an apple in an orchard of pears' and is a powerful business magnet.

be DAREing, Sue Parker

Who I Help

I work with clients who  have a great sense of discovery, an open mind and a desire to review and  do things differently.  They are in  saturated and highly competitive markets and want to find the edge to stand out and differentiate themselves.  They have courage and want to get cracking to do this asap.   I love to work with clients in finding some quick wins for them along the way to longer term business campaigns.

Clients come to me when they are either launching, re-branding or growing a business. At all 3 stages it is a time of great excitement, hope and sometimes confusion and challenge. But irrelevant of industry , size or circumstance, all businesses share similar pain points - how to  attract and retain ideal clients.  And lets be honest, its often an  emotional roller coaster of  self confidence and staying motivated.  And I work best with clients who are willing to share their true concerns  and vulnerabilities.  Together we can create some DAREing magic!

Enjoying the partnership together is key and hey I'm not for everyone, and everyone is not for me.  

Personal Branding

Having an authentic and influential personal brand is the core of business success.

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LinkedIn Communications

The value and scope of knowing how to use and leverage LinkedIn
is endless.

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Sue Parker Brand Book

A little about me

Simply put - I give a damn. I will dig below the surface to unpack clients real motivators , goals, USPs and personalities. I don't shy away from the difficult conversations that matter. Being passive just isn’t in my DNA as it doesn't foster trust nor deliver results. But helping clients get clarity on their value and direction whilst having fun along the way sure is.

My career and business ownership journey has been pretty diverse.  I launched my first business in 2004 in media recruitment and training which I ran for 11 years.  I had also clocked up a 20 year sales, training and marketing  career with both large and small companies incl Yellow Pages, Val Morgan, Focus Government Newspaper, Australian Institute of Company Directors, RMIT, Health Services Australia and World Masters of Business.

So there were not many commercial issues that I hadn't seen or faced head on. Many of those challenges led to great triumphs and many led to failure and tears.  But all those experiences with a lifelong refusal to follow the ‘norm' and status quo led me to develop the programs and training that I deliver today.

When not DAREing myself and clients I balance life with a passion for theatre, comedy writing, interior decorating and an obsession for exploring opportunity shops.   And I absolutely adore life with my amazing and super talented husband and our two irreverent Cavalier Spaniels in fabulous Brisbane.  

My style is direct, fun and empathetic so let's chat if you would like to know more.

How to use LinkedIn effectively and attract clients

Download this free E-book to start attracting networks and clients to your business. The e-book includes:

Why LinkedIn is so powerful today

How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of Know-Like-Trust

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette


Some of our diverse clients

Michael Noon

Sue has a direct and no BS approach which was exactly what I needed this year as I launched my business. She is a great listener who has a deep understanding of the challenges faced in building and communicating a new business / brand. Sue can see through issues quickly and helped me decipher clear direction and brand value. Sue created innovative profiles and marketing documents that saw immediate results on LinkedIn and other marketing activities. She knows her stuff, is fun to work with and went above and beyond for additional requests even at short notice.

Michael Noon

Resource-Project-Management (RPM)

Rebecca Grace

Sue was awesome at helping me rediscover the motivation and goals for my business.  Sue used this information to distil a concise core offering and personal brand.  No easy feat! The whole process was challenging yet fun. An excellent communicator she comes highly recommended. 

Rebecca Grace

Aggregate Group Consulting

John Broadbent

Sue's knowledge of personal branding and LinkedIn, which are nothing short of superb, supported me in developing a communication and LinkedIn strategy that coalesced my objectives.

John Broadbent

Realise Potential

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DARE helps professional and creative service businesses stand up and out to attract their ideal clients with crystal clear clarity and purpose. We do that by showing them how play a bigger and more effective game.

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