Strategies to navigate career ageism

Strategies for career ageism

Ageism is a state of mind, assumption and bias that polarises everyone.   But there are many strategies to navigate career ageism as I share in this article. You may have lost confidence  and/or struggling on the job search application mouse wheel. It can seem like a huge wastage of time? But you know the old…

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Building trust by stopping bulldust excuses

Dont make bulldust excuses in business

Trust and integrity are core values and  assets in business and life.   And central is building trust by stopping bulldust excuses.  Trust and integrity are essential assets in our professional and personal lives. But a reputation as a bit of a Pinocchio won’t help your goals, business and self esteem. And not being able to discern who…

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Reference Checks – Reputations, Truth & Diligence

Personal brand trust and reputations can rise or fall from the integrity and due process of reference checks and feedback.   Leaders, recruiters, head hunters  and hiring managers have a crucial  role in ensuring the integrity of reference checks and how they inform decisions. Reputations and trusted due diligence is fundamental in building reliable  personal and…

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Good manners on LinkedIn is essential to build trust

Good manners on LinkedIn is essential to  build trust and attract clients.  Respect and  etiquette  can never be underestimated in developing a strong  personal brand, trust and career and business  networks. LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world providing an influential gateway to connect businesses, brands and people in ways that were never once…

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What is the vibe of your LinkedIn profile?

The vibe of your LinkedIn profile matters.  What is your vibe and how are your perceived? Your vibe will be integral in inspiring action and trust. It forms the basis to attract  networks, conversations, ideal clients or a new job or career. Most Australians will recall the brilliant line from the much loved movie The…

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The real reason you are being interviewed

Do you know the real reason you are being interviewed?  As you are  plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager this question may be well swirling in your mind.   You may have found your way there via a job advertisement, a referral or your own career protectiveness.  But however you…

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How is your personal brand experienced

Really Personal Branding Sue Parker DARE Group

How is your personal brand experienced in Australia?  How are your perceived?  We cannot be everything to everyone and that’s ok too. But expecting  that 100% of people we come across will like, trust and resonate with us and our personal brand is as likely as pigs flying or never having to pay taxes again. …

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Crank up your personal brand by being vulnerable

How do you elevate and communicate your personal brand to differentiate yourself?   The answer is  both  simple and confronting.  Crank  up your personal brand by being vulnerable to really stand out. One of the first questions I ask my clients is ‘what makes YOU and your business really different?   This is a pretty standard question asked by all…

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Who Matters In Your Business?

Want to amplify your personal brand, drive more referrals and create good will? Focusing on treating  everyone you encounter  as a potential client and someone of value is an important element in building a platform of business attraction.    This mindset flick will really  set your personal brand apart. Most times  we don’t really know who someone…

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Business Rudeness & Disrespect are CHOICES!

Choices smaller

As we are acutely aware, Australia is in the grip of a horrific domestic violence epidemic. Many conversations centrearound the notion of “choices”.   Most perpetrators of domestic violence do not inflict their actions outside of their family/spouse.    It is “selective” and a choice that is made and taken to inflict abuse on “a particular person/s”. …

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