Who Matters In Your Business?

Want to amplify your personal brand, drive more referrals and create good will?

Focusing on treating  everyone you encounter  as a potential client and someone of value is an important element in building a platform of business attraction.    This mindset flick will really  set your personal brand apart.

Most times  we don’t really know who someone is, who they know, who they are related to, what they do, what they own,  how they may impact, refer or help us in  business or life in some way – now or in the future.   And its not a great idea to assume about people and their  potential value.    Indeed assumptions are one of the major dangers in business.

Our behaviours demonstrate our human values, attitudes & personal brand.   And inconsistent and situational responses and reactions  that differ can  alert to a lack of integrity and  business trust.

ie:  If you have a  gruff nature,  you may well show up like that to everyone.  But if you choose that gruffness based on who you think matters and hence need to modify,  then a red flag is waved.

Divergent and selective behaviours  not  only damage engagement but  give your inner world  a little (or big) nudge of disquiet and disharmony.

A few DAREing questions to ponder

  • Do you treat staff impolitely & clients politely?
  • Do you treat  waiters rudely & clients at the table like gold?
  • Do you treat retail sales staff with a air of superiority?
  • Do you treat job candidates like they are lucky to be interviewed?
  • Do you dismiss anyone who you assume is beneath you?
  • Do you greet a sales person with automatic curtness, but a client with warm open arms ?
  • Do you treat family poorly, yet friends well?
  • Do you listen intently to your senior managers but not junior staff?
  • Do you mostly  ignore emails and LinkedIn messages from anyone other than clients?
  • Do you not respond to job applicants coldly?
  • Do you treat the MD of a business respectfully but their receptionist dismissively?

You get the drift here.  And the truth is that we all have done this at times being humans.   But it is  not the occasional lapse of behaviour that matters   but what is  the general behaviour and attitudes that matter.

The switch of life turns around at random and we can all get caught if we are not mindful.   Clients can become suppliers.  Suppliers can become clients. Candidates can become clients.  Clients can become candidates and so it changes.

Personal & business branding includes demonstrating and living our  core values & behaviours. Ideally they  should be congruent & consistent across the board. And it makes good commercial $$ sense also.  And we get the best out of people too.

Treating everyone you encounter with respect  will also minimise your own stress levels and strengthen the muscle of purpose and business intent.  And the positive  impact on others is insurmountable – all creating a better social and business community.

Be kind, be aware, be thoughtful and be commercially smart.  You just never know where the next client referral, deal or staff member you want to hire  may originate from.


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