Don’t let your LinkedIn content be spoiled by a poor user experience

LinkedIn Content user experience

Great content on LinkedIn can lose traction if not presented well.  In the famous words of Molly Meldrum, ‘do yourself a favour’ and check your UX.  So you want to ensure you don’t let your LinkedIn content be spoiled by a poor user experience. It’s not just the quality and value of good LinkedIn content…

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How engaging on LinkedIn opens up career & job opportunities

LinkedIn for Jobseekers

If you are an executive or professional seeking a new role, unemployed or changing careers this this  blog is for you.  Many people ask how engaging on LinkedIn opens up career and job opportunities. This article will dive into one of the most effective strategies to do so. . CAREER MARKETING MINDSET  Firstly, career and…

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LinkedIn Content – What you need to know

LinkedIn Content Best Tips

If you are serious about using LinkedIn in your business or professional career, then quality content needs to be a key part of your  strategy. But there are so many content options, features, tools, misinformation  and algorithm challenges which can be overwhelming. This article unpacks the when, how, why and what of LinkedIn content and…

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The buck stops with YOU on LinkedIn

The buck stops with you on LinkedIn.  This blogs shows how to increase success on LinkedIn by taking control of your profile. The diversity of people on LinkedIn runs the full gamut.  From Prime Ministers, global industry leaders, high profile influencers, celebrities, ASX & Fortune 500 directors, SMB owners, practitioners of all vocations, freelancers, junior…

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Buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED

Buying followers on LinkedIn exposed

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals without equal rival and is unequivocally a critical business tool.   However, all that glitters is not gold, and perception does not always match reality as buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED. This article was also exclusively published in Smart Company.  :  All that glitters is…

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How to tailor your LinkedIn feed

What you see in YOUR  LinkedIn feed starts with YOU ? Sad but true.  We all seek to enrich our time and experiences on the platform and not waste time with content that isn’t relevant or appeals.  So its important to learn  how to tailor your LinkedIn feed. Tailoring your  feed will deliver improved user…

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How to Leverage LinkedIn in 2019

In  2018 LinkedIn reached 10M Australian registered members. A milestone figure given that in 2010 there were only 1M members.  With the Australian population sitting at 24.9M and LinkedIn being a professional business platform the statistic is significant.   In this article I  review some of the main changes in 2018, current statistics, algorithm updates,  how…

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How to keep out of LinkedIn Jail

Many people are in  LinkedIn jail but have NO idea that each day their sentence gets extended (sad but true).  Knowing how to keep out of LinkedIn jail is so important. I originally wrote this in March 2018 and will regularly update it as needed. The algorithm beast, AI  and engineering back end processes mean…

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Don’t Try and Game Your LinkedIn NAME Field

Emails, Mobiles, Symbols, Extra Information (other than Suffixes) are NOT  permitted on the Name Field on LinkedIn – it can and will compromise your account and how you are searched and found.  DONT RISK IT! We all want to be clever and increase our  visibility on LinkedIn.  But trying to be a bit of a…

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All Star LinkedIn Profile Ratings – Don’t be Fooled

Recently I presented a  ‘Intro to LinkedIn’ session  where several participants   proudly volunteered they had an ‘All Star’  or Profile Strength  rating.   I had to tell them the potential  bad news.  An All Star LinkedIn profile ranking may NOT be exactly All Star. What does an All Star LinkedIn profile rating really mean? The 5 rating levels…

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