All Star LinkedIn Profile Ratings – Don’t be Fooled

Recently I presented a  ‘Intro to LinkedIn’ session  where several participants   proudly volunteered they had an ‘All Star’  or Profile Strength  rating.   I had to tell them the potential  bad news.  An All Star LinkedIn profile ranking may NOT be exactly All Star. What does an All Star LinkedIn profile rating really mean?

The 5 rating levels –Beginner to All Star  are based ONLY on the  COMPLETENESS of a profile & does NOT rate the QUALITY of content,  tone, media, photos etc.

LinkedIn All Star ratings are  based on completion of  these 7 sections :

1. Profile Photo

2. Industry & Location

3. Summary

4. Experience (current and at least 2 prior roles)

5. Skills (min 3)

6 Education

7. Connections (min 50)

Statistics prove that fully completed profiles DO  receive circa 40% more initial views (raising % of connectivity) .

But it is the depth and clarity of information, the tone, the visual appeal, the fullness of your message and touchpoints that will make it a great and inspiring profile.

So dont be fooled.  You must have these 7 sections completed but its HOW that is key.

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