YES ? or NO  ?

Do you constantly  Rationalise,  Justify & Reassure yourself  about decisions?

As business owners and consultants YES or NO questions are part and parcel of our reality every day in some small or large way.

Should I engage with that person?   Should I take on that new client or project?   Should I go to that meeting? Should I hire that person?    Should I buy that?  Should I accept that job?    Should I trust him or her? Should I go?  Should I spend?   Should I talk with?   Should I delete that LI connection?  Should I do xyx……………… the list is endless

Decision making can be either  exceptionally complex or  simple dependent on the subject, issues, influences, risk levels and personalities.

And making decisions that don’t pan out well (read mild irritation to major disaster) can and do have serious consequences on businesses, profits,, well-being, mental health and relationships.

We process most decisions with one or all of : head, heart and gut.  And we deny the gut at our peril. But the  gut is where a YES ? or NO ? sits well.

A great way to check if any decision should be a  YES or NO is to observe the level internal and external chatter you are having in trying to Rationalise, Justify and Reassure yourself.

How often are you doing this and then later admit….. yeah I should have said yes or no.  And there are times that we jump in and are glad we ignored our gut.

But honestly how often does that happen ?

We are all human and want to do the right thing and often help others.  But as business owners and consultants your decisions must support your  goals, happiness, profit and values.

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