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What is the vibe of your LinkedIn profile?

The vibe of your LinkedIn profile matters.  What is your vibe and how are your perceived? Your vibe will be integral in inspiring action and trust. It forms the basis to attract  networks, conversations, ideal clients or a new job or career. Most Australians will recall the brilliant line from the much loved movie The…

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Attract clients with experience branding

Everything we do, write and say will either attract or repel others.   It’s simply part of the human condition and universal law.  And whilst some reactions appear neutral, I guarantee that deep down there is a leaning to one end of that pendulum.  Businesses need to attract clients with experience branding. Experience branding is the…

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How to use content marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the No 1 social media for B2B marketing and content distribution driving 50% of all website traffic.  How to use content marketing on LinkedIn is crucial for success. With over 2 million pieces of content loaded each day and 9 billion impressions the  platform is a bonanza of professional value. Yet only  between …

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A tagline is marketing magic

Taglines are not just for the big end of corporate and advertising town.  Are you a small business, a consultant or self employed  competing  with big  brands?   Then a  brilliant tagline is marketing magic  to set you apart, raise  visibility and inspire confidence. A strong and clear tagline is the brand vision and marketing  foundation of …

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Why offering free services is not always a good idea

Knee jerk reactions and blindly following  the marketing sheep herd is never a wise move in the best of times,    In this article I look at why offering free services is not always a good idea in the COVID crises. Prior to  the COVID  many businesses and industry sectors were already struggling.  Some were…

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