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Is self employment right for you?

Early in 2020 before COVID fully unfolded many were ruminating on their career and business directions.  Staying employed, changing jobs or joining the self employment world was on the minds of so many  men and women of all ages.    Flying Solo’s insightful  editor  Lucy Kippist invited me onto her podcast to talk about this…

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LinkedIn members vote for profiles in the 1st person

The vast majority of Australia’s  LinkedIn members seek to  impress, inspire and influence others in some way shape or form.   And personal profiles are the nucleus for that success.  So what is the best writing style to use? The answer has been given as  LinkedIn members vote for profiles written in the 1st person There…

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Top 100 LinkedIn Hashtags

To kickstart the year on LinkedIn, I have researched and updated my list of the global Top 100 LinkedIn Hashtags as of 11 January 2021.  Note this blog is regularly updated.  Download the ultimate eBook   TOP 600 LinkedIn Hashtags Here Updated Lists   here for the  Top 150 LinkedIn Hashtags 2022       Using the right…

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Genuine apologies build personal and brand trust

Reputations are entwined in the confidence to trust in relationships and outcomes.   But when the proverbial hits the fan there are real opportunities to boost brand trust.  And the proverbial will hit the fan at some point in some way to and from us all. When the fan goes it’s a  real opportunity for genuine…

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