Business Non Negotiables – Impact on Personal Branding

What is your business non negotiables.  Who you WONT work with is as important as who you WILL work with.

And this has a lot to do with your personal and business brand positioning in your market

But holding your nerve takes some courage.

Running a SME or consultancy (and especially in the first 12 months) is always a juggle of client decisions.   When unpacking personal branding for clients we always start with an exploration of what  type of services and clients they love to work with and want to attract.

But many consultants, coaches and SMEs  don’t  have a clear focus on industry or specifics but on the type of person.  It’s often a ‘personality style’ ie:  flexible, not a penny pincher, honest, wants to grow etc etc.

And whilst that is  a small part of the puzzle for personal & business branding, it’s just the beginning.  You need to dig further and go  deeper around the type of  clients  you   DONT want.  And the best place to start is around your non negotiables – if you have them.  Some don’t, and will take on anyone and everyone.

But for those who have non negotiables, values that matter etc you need to sort through the industries, people, behaviours, attitudes etc are not for you at any price ?    Personal branding should encompass your values and what you will and wont accept.  As ‘Your vibe  attracts your tribe’ you draw in  great 2-way partnerships.

But the challenge for many (esp those starting out in business) is they will accept anyone and anything for $$. And it often bites them in the behind down the track in many ways.

Getting really clear and communicating your non-negotiables elegantly to attract ideal clients (and repel the non ideal) is critical.       What are your  non-negotiables? How important are they for your business ?

The biggest tip I can share is to be really honest with yourself and hold your nerve.  It’s hard but understanding and valuing your non-negotiables will signficantly  improve your self esteem, business point of difference  and elevate your personal brand.

And championing the values and aspects of the clients you DO want to work with simply magnifies attracting more of same.

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