Define your niche market to attract ideal clients

Defining and unlocking your ideal niche market/s can take your professional service business or consultancy to the next level.   Learning how to define your niche markets to attract ideal clients  will be one of the best things you can do to grow your business.  It will feel like the 2 puzzle pieces just fit together like they always belonged.

Yet so many people and businesses are hesitant and worried  that if they niche down they will lose put on potential business.   Or they are unsure of how to unlock and define their market niches.  

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out is a Fallacy

The reality is that smart niching can be the marketing jewel in the crown for many service businesses. And there is plenty of evidence that niching builds competitive advantage.

So many businesses are in a state of personal and business brand confusion and  overwhelm when trying to be everything to everyone’It’s just exhausting and can dilute both online and offline sales strategies. But getting your niche defined will really help communicate your personal brand authority  with greater success also. 

There is a flood of choice and content to digest along the road of making any purchase decision or enquiry.  And in the research process, businesses are looking for comfort and reassurance that they will make the right decision with the right supplier. 

And comfort begins with these 2 key questions :

Does this person/company UNDERSTAND my industry & business challenges?

Does this person/company know how to SOLVE  industry & business challenges?

The first place to start understanding the power of  niche target marketing is to reflect on how YOU begin to assess any new service supplier and decision. 

For example, if you are an accountant and looking for a website designer you would ideally prefer to work with someone who has had exposure to your industry needs.

Or if you are a online retailer and seeking a new software program you will gravitate to a SAAS that has solved similar retailer IT issues.

Or if you are a graphic designer and looking for a business coach – you will feel more comfort with someone who has solved the challenges of creative businesses. It will just generally feel more comfortable and most importantly less risky.

The other real benefit of niching across a few sectors is that you develop extraordinary knowledge of that industry. And by virtue of your clients’ experiences your ability to serve your niche amplifies. You can end up being a well known go to person and that’s the aim of all SMEs in the service sector isn’t it?

Clarity is the key to success (and sanity). And the niches you may focus on now may not be the niches in the future.  And if your content and marketing message is really compelling other sectors will just want a bite of the cherry and ask if will help them also.  Confidence attracts confidence.

So how can define which niche sectors you want to target ? Individual answers to any of the 11 questions below wont give full clarity. But all 11 questions combined will build a mosaic that will start market magic.

But be DAREing though and let your mind, body and gut instincts fly :

Questions to define your niche market/s 

  1. What industries have you had a lot of knowledge and experience in?
  2. What industries have you delivered hero outcomes for? 
  3. What industries/organisations   do you really love to work with and which truly energise you?   (Don’t make all sorts of ‘head noise’ here – just go with your gut feelings)
  4. What type of people do you love to work for and energise you ? ie: creative, techy, intellectual etc. Now of course all sectors have different personalities, but there are often a few common threads.. 
  5. What industries/organisations  are facing a lot of pain right now and /or have ongoing issues ?
  6. Do you know how to solve the above pain points and issues with relative ease ?
  7. What do you offer the sectors that is special (your USPs ?) It may be the way you approach problems OR the actual technical aspect of your services etc.
  8. What aspects of your work do you love to do and want to attract more of (work type within a profession is also a form of niching)
  9. What super powers /hero skills that  really resonate with certain industries?
  10. What industries will be profitable and are willing to pay good $$$.
  11. What industries and type  DONT you want to work for/do  ie:  Your Non Negotiables

Did you find some surprises in your answers ? Did you find some questions challenging ? Did you get any lightbulb thoughts ?

Once you have clarity on how to  unlock and define market niches be DAREing and step up and out and with confidence and compelling marketing messages to inspire action from that market. 

Create content that addresses the issues and nuances of those niche markets and build a strong expertise reputation as the ‘go to person in your sectror’

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