Maximise all sales opportunities to attract new clients

Do you maximise  all sales opportunities to  attract new clients and grow your business?    Is your personal brand consistent  and inviting  to attract new clients at any given time or place?   The professional service sector is a competitive one and are  competing for market share.  So having a  open, non judgemental mindset is important to grow and thrive.

If professional services businesses or consultants are operating only from a 1 dimension mindset  they may well be leaving $$$ on the table and personal brands will be negatively impacted?   There are 3 dimensions of operating  in business all combining to build an  inspired and strong personal brand :

At any time a business or consultant can be operating  either &/or   one of the 3 dimensions.  The default is generally to operate from only a  1 dimension mindset. This can  leave their  so many professional service businesses  at risk of  missed  opportunities and revenue.

Treating everyone you encounter in your business activities as a potential client, a referral source and a person of value is key in  building a broad platform of business and sales attraction.

Often   we don’t really appreciate who someone is, who they are connected  to, what they do, their assets, and  how they may impact, refer or help us in  business in some way (now or down the track).   It can also bite us in the proverbial to  assume &/or dismiss another businesses or persons  potential.  Assumptions are of course a major dangers in business that result in missed and lost opportunities.

Communication and behaviours demonstrate our true human values and personal brand.   Inconsistent and situational responses and reactions that differ can alert to a lack of integrity and business trust as reputation  spreads on how we make others feel.

ie:  If you have a abrupt nature  you may well show up like that to everyone.  But if you choose to be abrupt based purely on who you think matters (clients)  then you are missing  opportunities.  And this impacts your personal brand.

Questions to check in with –  Do you

  • Ignore emails  and LinkedIn messages? Manners on LinkedIn really matter.
  • Treat staff impolitely & clients politely?
  • Not respond to phone calls?
  • Treat waiters rudely & your clients as gold?
  • Respond to and and treat job candidates totally differently to staff and clients?
  • Greet a sales person with automatic curtness, but a client with warmth?Do you listen intently to your senior managers but not junior staff?
  • Treat the MD of  any business respectfully but the receptionist rudely?

The truth is that we all have done this at times being humans.   But it is not the occasional lapse of behaviour that matters   but what is the general behaviour and attitudes that matter as a seller, buyer or referrer…

Business and the 360 deg wheel turns  rapidly with social media and competition so we can all get caught if we are not mindful.   Clients can become suppliers.  Suppliers can become clients. Candidates can become clients.  Clients can become candidates and so it goes.

Personal & business branding intersects at  demonstrating and living   core values & business manners.  Ideally they should be congruent & consistent across the board. And it makes good commercial $$ sense also.  And we get the best out of people too.

Treating everyone respectfully  will also minimise stress levels and strengthen the muscle of purpose and business intent.  And the positive impact on others is insurmountable – all creating a better social and business community.

Final Thought

Be kind, be thoughtful and commercially  smart.  You just never know where the next client referral, deal or staff member you want to hire may originate from.


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