Don’t think you are unique? Well think again!

No one does exactly what you do in the same way you do it.   This is a reality statement, not a value judgement.  So if you don’t think you are unique, well think again! 

Just like fingerprints, there are no two the same. Every fingerprint is unique and impossible to replicate as is every persons career value and unique differences.

This is essential to embrace to hold your career power and elevate your job search success.  And in the latter especially as the hiring and job market landscape is as changeable as Melbourne’s weather is in one day.  

Hiring fluctuations swing the gamut to favour either candidates or hiring companies at any time.  Up until 12 months ago it was an open field for candidates spoilt for choice in the volume of roles available.   It has now swung back towards less jobs and more candidates for a host of reasons in many sectors..

There are many avenues to champion personal career brands.  And of course, LinkedIn has changed the game for career and marketing professionals to raise their visibility and champion their value. 

The opportunity to really stand out and showcase individual profiles is available to all. Some people do it very well, and unfortunately, a lot are not exactly kicking any career value goals for themselves. 

The essence here is not to sound like very Tom, Dick or Mary with vanilla clichés and standard statements which could apply to thousands of others.

Look it can be tricky to promote yourself and communicate your value powerfully and honesty.  But there are so many digital and in person avenues to do so. 

Many do this well and others are not kicking goals for themselves and reverting to clichés and replicated vanilla narratives that could apply equally to hundreds of others.   

Nothing special? 

Over 20 years in and around the hiring and career strategy sector, I am regularly saddened and disappointed in the responses from both men and women when I ask: “what makes you really unique?” or, “what are your proudest achievements?”

The answers  remind me of the latest McCain TV campaign ‘Nothing Special’.   

Irrespective of skills or role seniority levels, many grapple with feeling they are not unique or have anything really distinctive to offer.   They feel in essence, nothing special.

People may be aware they are competent and do a good job.   However, there can be a disconnect between reality and self value judgements. The inner chatter is ‘well anyone could do it equally the same’.  This is just not true. 

And that can bite hard when applying for a new role as communicating how you solve problems and have integrated solutions and team cohesion etc is critical.

There is logic behind embracing your uniqueness and how that interplays in organisations, relationships and success.

Why fingerprint logic matters 

The creator of fingerprint technology, Sir Francis Galton  found there is a 1 in 64 billion chance that two fingerprint sets are identical.   Quite a remarkable statistic given the world’s population in 2023 is 8.1 billion.

 Professor David Conley of Washington State University says they are unique because:

“The pattern of fingerprints can be attributed to genetics and how the skin grew when inside the womb. The reason fingerprints are unique is the same reason individual humans are unique. Variation is the norm, not the exception”

Every single job seeker and career professional is like a fingerprint.  Everyone has them but no one can replicate the same package

The 12 elements that make up a person’s unique value mosaic is multifaceted and nuanced. It’s simply impossible to have the exact same mix in a pot.


Unique Value Mosaic by Sue Parker Dare Group Australia

It’s not just what you do, but how you do it that matters. The technical skills may be similar, but a host of other aspects interplay in the end results to clients and stakeholders.  And vice versa.     

Everything we have experienced and who we are at the core informs our unique workplace and business value.

 What next?

Gaining awareness and acceptance of your unique value mosaic is critical before integration across your career branding and executive job search.

And if you are concerned about ageism, do have a read  of my blog  Strategies to Navigate Career Ageism  You will gain some insight and tips to factor into the Mosaic Wheel and communicate in your voice..

If you are really struggling with gaining awareness of your unique value, take a really long hard reflection of the mosaic without any value judgements.  Facts are facts!

Then once you have clarity its  about integration and implementation into your communications, interviews and activities.

It’s about communicating that value in an inspiring and honest way.  Your vibe will attract your tribe, so it’s about holding court that you are not meant to be loved, hired and promoted by everyone.  And that’s ok.

But what you can do is show up with stories, examples and deeper reflection on how you deliver and impact broadly.

It’s about holding your special McCain chip moments and history and translating that to the needs and challenges of the role and career you are in, or seeking.

And it’s having the guts to own and talk about your unique career mosaic and integrating that in your CV, bio and LinkedIn profile.

It’s always remembering that ‘no one does exactly what you do in the exact same way you do it’. 

But most importantly, its about integrating the verbal and written into your soul.

It’s not just saying and writing about what makes you unique, but feeling it deeply in your gut and being.



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