How to get career & job search clarity?

How to get career & job search clarity?   Start reflecting on your  WHAT not your WHY.   

After many years in a career or company, there can be a sense of confusion on what roles to focus on. Or you may be considering becoming self employed.

Contemplating a new job or career change needs to spring from self worth and clarity.  I regularly hear from from clients and networks :  

  • I don’t know what sort of roles I want 
  • I’m confused to the next career step 
  • I’m unsure what I want to do

Have or are you saying similar to yourself or others?

Starting reflecting on your what can be confusing.  The populist  narrative all over social media is to start with your ‘why’.  But it is a bit of a rabbit hole.  Don’t get me wrong, a person’s why is important but not in the way often thought.

It doesn’t really help senior professionals and executives in tackling the job market directly. I always say it’s not what you do but why that is important, and it is.

It is great to weave your WHY as part of your story and career narrative (ie how you chose a profession & what motivates you).

Focus with the Ikigai Wheel 

BUT when it comes to job search focus confusion, I take a very direct approach from the Ikigai wheel. And I want to move people from confusion to clarity quickly so they can feel focussed in their search.

The wheel might sound fluffy but it is very pragmatic.  It gets people into a broader mindset. Like the Law of Supply & Demand it focuses on the reality of markets. But it adds the important joy aspect.


What you love to do – What you LOVE to do is the key to begin. Focus always on the tasks, responsibilities and work you love to do. This taps directly into your joy.

What the word needs This is supply and demand here 101. If there are no jobs or roles that encompass your skills then you need to refocus.  And in that it can be future proofing career decisions also.

What the market will pay for – Again as above. If there is a demand for your brilliance, money follows.

What you are good at  – It’s generally consistent that the work we love to do and gives us joy, we are  very good at doing. It’s very rare that someone hates a task they are very competent at.

Few people really give themselves the space and reflection to tap into the Ikigai wheel.  Career clarity has to start with what you love to do and work back to reality, availability and money. 

I see the confusion when people are multi skilled after decades of experiences and they are unsure a/ how to promote and brand themselves and their career  &/or the roles to apply for.

Employment OR Self Employment

In the decision and often confusion process, many will weigh up whether to launch out into self employment or remain as an employee.

I discussed this in depth in a Flying Solo media article  : Should you become self-employed in 2020 or stay in a paid job?   and here on my website blog   Is self employment right for you

Again its about your WHAT and moving through the wheel but with a raft of other external considerations and self reflections.


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