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Why Xmas isn’t always the best time to reward clients

Are you just part of a mass herd of parties, dinners, gifts, cards and hampers to clients during the Xmas period?  Is there a better time to differentiate your brand and thank clients for their loyalty throughout the year? The Xmas period is comparable to digital saturation and overwhelm. The noise, stress and expectations are…

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How to maximise all business & brand opportunities

Are you  missing  out on  business  opportunities around you and perhaps even damaging your personal brand? Or do you maximise every opportunity that comes your way to build revenue and your personal brand?  How how does personal branding impact business opportunities? If you operating from a 1 dimension mindset you may well be leaving $$$ on…

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Getting Behind the Covers to Build Personal Brand Authority

Personal branding

Not everyone is, or can be a thought leader, major influencer or a big personality.   But everyone can be relevant,  build personal brand authority and be the  best version of themselves.   Similarly everyone can build visibility and credibility as a subject matter expert in their field.  Standing out, owning your value, genius and power is…

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Get your personal brand in order BEFORE you do other marketing!

Get your personal brand in order

If you are in any type of  service based business (professional, creative or trades) your personal brand is truly the  jewel in your marketing crown.   And you  must get your brand in order before you start investing and diving into all other website, digital, PR, social media and marketing activities.  Not doing so can really compromise…

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Increase sales enquiries from your website with trust

The website is the nerve centre for every business.   To increase sales enquiries from your website with trust you must not miss any vital information element.    Even with the best aesthetics, navigation experiences and quality content, a website that does not provide a range of contact options can lead to a loss of business. And this…

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Willing, Ready & Able – How to Qualify Prospects

How to  how to qualify prospects, save time and build your business is key to survival Do you lose your mojo, feel awkward and/or waste time with new prospect conversations?  Even with the most brilliant personal branding, website, LinkedIn and marketing strategies, the need to qualify is critical.  Learning how to qualify prospects, save time…

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Niche Marketing – How to Unlock & Define

Niche  marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients and build industry engagement for B2B businesses.   But many SMEs and consultants are concerned that if they niche they will lose lots of potential business.   Or they are unsure of how to unlock and define market niches. The reality is that smart niching can be…

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Business Non Negotiables – Impact on Personal Branding

What is your business non negotiables.  Who you WONT work with is as important as who you WILL work with. And this has a lot to do with your personal and business brand positioning in your market But holding your nerve takes some courage. Running a SME or consultancy (and especially in the first 12…

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How to keep out of LinkedIn jail

Many people are in  LinkedIn jail but have NO idea that each day their sentence gets extended (sad but true).    The algorithm beasts and engineering back end processes mean that content, actions  and  profile visibility is in incarceration mode because of how you have managed and your actions on the platform.  In this article I…

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The Magic of Taglines

  Are you a small business competing with bigger  brand names?  Do you communicate  business value and a mission statement with a magic tagline ?   A strong and clear tagline is the brand vision and marketing  foundation of  every business.    Nothing beats an inspirational and aspirational tagline to set your business brand apart in competitive markets. …

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