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Should I stay or leave my job or change career?

Should I stay or leave my  job or change career?  How to weigh up. These questions keep millions of people awake at night, feeling stuck and tossing and turning with indecision about what to do. Its a process to weigh up the scale of choices and options. But there is no better starting point than…

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Buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED

Buying followers on LinkedIn exposed

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals without equal rival and is unequivocally a critical business tool.   However, all that glitters is not gold, and perception does not always match reality as buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are notorious for harbouring fake followers and paid engagement to…

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How to Build Personal Brand Authority

How to build  personal brand authority can be one of the biggest marketing challenges professional consultants and  small businesses face .  And particularly so for highly disruptive and competitive  markets that are saturated with content overwhelm Not everyone is, or can be a thought leader, major influencer or a big personality.   But everyone can be…

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Are you a 50+ professional fighting career ageism?

Are you a 50+ professional fighting career ageism?    Have you lost confidence and had enough of the tunnel of job search application doom and wastage of time? There are ways to knock this over with a different approach and taking back control to feel more valued and respected in the career search. Truth is…

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How our first jobs shape our business and personal values

How our jobs shape our values

Core values we hold close and important lessons learnt have been cultivated via many aspects in our life.  How our first jobs shape our business and personal values is so important.The first years of a child’s life are foundational to their behaviours and beliefs. Good parenting, environments and role models help steer a child through…

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How men can unpack their business direction & career truth

Unpacking Mens Career truth and direction DARE Group Australia

 A question just for the blokes?    What is your business direction, real purpose and career truth? This article discusses how men can unpack their business direction and career truth.   And what are the goals and dreams you  did or didn’t pursue in life and  business?    Are you living your own career and professional  truth, calling and passions? Or…

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Curb the CURB and stop the coffee catch up request bullshit

Are you tired of receiving requests for coffee catch ups that don’ t have purpose? Are you tired of  grabbing ‘a coffee’  in the hope of business value then kick yourself on the way back to the office or home?   Are you tired of having your brains picked?  You are a victim of the CURB epidemic.  Lets  Curb…

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Build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out

Negative assumptions  must be minimised at every opportunity whenever possible online.  We build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out.    Albert Einstein famously quoted that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.   Indeed imagination is a glorious attribute that in its positive form is the fuel of childhood wonderment, human and business creativity. Imagination…

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How vulnerability helps businesses thrive & shame erodes growth

After many decades around business and marketing ecosystems I know that all that glitters isn’t always gold.  Loud hyperbole (on and off line) can also be a diversion from reality to take the heat off the cauldron of shame and fear.  Vulnerability helps businesses thrive & shame erodes growth. Yet when just one person dares to…

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LinkedIn engagement pods are not a silver bullet to success

Increasing reach and visibility to grow influence is the name of the game on LinkedIn.   With over 10M Australian members the value proposition and business potential is well acknowledged. Hence the ardent scramble to grab a piece of the very juicy LinkedIn pie of opportunity    But LinkedIn engagement pods are not a silver bullet…

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