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Podcasts – are they hot or not?

Podcasts Sue Parker

Podcasting is the latest content format which has boomed in recent years.  With a plethora of new shows and hosts rolling out daily every topic is covered. From comedy, religion, sport, politics, heath, current affairs, business, self-help,  science, careers,  family, mental health, sales, marketing, media no subject is excluded.    According to the 2021  Infinite…

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Personal branding lessons from a vegetable peeler

Who would have thought a basic kitchen utensil  would be a source of communication and personal branding wisdom?  Well read on. There are many personal branding lessons from a vegetable peeler. Lockdown and recipe repertoire  Like so many in recent months, my passion for cooking was reignited.  Mind you I had always been pretty deft…

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Why offering free services is not always a good idea

Knee jerk reactions and blindly following  the marketing sheep herd is never a wise move in the best of times,    In this article I look at why offering free services is not always a good idea in the COVID crises. Prior to  the COVID  many businesses and industry sectors were already struggling.  Some were…

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