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Attract clients with experience branding

Everything we do, write and say will either attract or repel others.   It’s simply part of the human condition and universal law.  And whilst some reactions appear neutral, I guarantee that deep down there is a leaning to one end of that pendulum.  Businesses need to attract clients with experience branding. Experience branding is the…

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Standing up for values is an important part of personal branding

Brené Brown famous quote  “you can choose courage or comfort, but you cannot choose both” is a powerful mantra.  Standing up for values is an important part of personal branding.  This  ethos has had particular relevance during the 2019  Melbourne Cup carnival as many took a stand,  albeit nervously against a much loved event and…

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Curb the CURB and stop the coffee catch up request bullshit

Are you tired of receiving requests for coffee catch ups that don’ t have purpose? Are you tired of  grabbing ‘a coffee’  in the hope of business value then kick yourself on the way back to the office or home?   Are you tired of having your brains picked?  You are a victim of the CURB epidemic.  Lets  Curb…

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Increase sales enquiries from your website with trust

The website is the nerve centre for every business.   To maximise  enquiries from your website you need to build trust.  How to increase sales enquiries  from your website with trust starts by including every vital information element. Even with the best aesthetics, navigation experiences and quality content, a website that does not provide a range of contact…

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Stand Out on LinkedIn with Personalised Messages

Take the time and effort to personalise your messages on LinkedIn to stand out.  Personalised messages are critical for effective social selling and relationship building. Sending generic lazy spray and pray messages are ineffective and will not do your business or  personal brand any favours. Sending  personalised and interesting LinkedIn  messages and campaigns will achieve stronger…

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