Unpacking Thought Leadership, Personal Brands & Influencers

The truth about thought leadership, influencers and personal brands.  There is a whole lot of social media noise and opinions on what  is a  Thought Leader,an Influencer and the true orientation of a  Personal Brand. So lets start unpacking it all. A Minefield of Opinions It seems like it is a “mind-field” out there, with…

All Star LinkedIn Profile Ratings – Don’t be Fooled

Recently I presented a  ‘Intro to LinkedIn’ session  where several participants   proudly volunteered they had an ‘All Star’  or Profile Strength  rating.   I had to tell them the potential  bad news.  An All Star LinkedIn profile ranking may NOT be exactly All Star. What does an All Star LinkedIn profile rating really mean? The 5 rating levels…

How is your personal brand experienced

How is your personal brand experienced in Australia?  How are your perceived?  We cannot be everything to everyone and that’s ok too. But expecting  that 100% of people we come across will like, trust and resonate with us and our personal brand is as likely as pigs flying or never having to pay taxes again. …

Crank up your personal brand by being vulnerable

How do you elevate and communicate your personal brand to differentiate yourself?   The answer is  both  simple and confronting.  Crank  up your personal brand by being vulnerable to really stand out. One of the first questions I ask my clients is ‘what makes YOU and your business really different?   This is a pretty standard question asked by all…

Who Matters In Your Business?

Want to amplify your personal brand, drive more referrals and create good will? Focusing on treating  everyone you encounter  as a potential client and someone of value is an important element in building a platform of business attraction.    This mindset flick will really  set your personal brand apart. Most times  we don’t really know who someone…

The power of sorry and the 3 elements of a sincere apology

The power of sorry and the 3 elements of a sincere apology can and does change lives.  The impact of a genuine and heartfelt one can never be underestimated, be it to groups, individuals, society as a whole. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews historical ‘world first  SORRY speech   in  May 2016 to Victoria’s LGBTI community in Parliament…

Build more business trust by stopping all the excuses

Trust and integrity are the core assets of people and businesses.   Build  more business trust by stopping all the excuses.  Doing so is key to creating a stronger personal brand and reputation.     Trust is formed in part by the  evidence of what you say you will do and then do.   So  stop giving crappy excuses…

Business Rudeness & Disrespect are CHOICES!

As we are acutely aware, Australia is in the grip of a horrific domestic violence epidemic. Many conversations centrearound the notion of “choices”.   Most perpetrators of domestic violence do not inflict their actions outside of their family/spouse.    It is “selective” and a choice that is made and taken to inflict abuse on “a particular person/s”. …

Top Tips for SME’s To Hire Great Staff

   I was recently  interviewed by SmartCompany (Australia’s No.1 SME digital publication) for advice on helping SME’s hire staff in 2017.  The article resulted from  surveys conducted by a large accounting firm indicating strong  confidence and growth projections 2017 and indicating that   circa  40% of SME’s intend to hire new staff during the year.    Below is my ‘no holds barred’  advice and tips :

What messages do your staff & colleagues really hear ?

    As we know actions speak far louder than the spoken or written word.   And we know that far too many company  ‘Mission Statements’ & ‘Employee Values Charts’ are hackneyed and inauthentic.  E.g. ‘We value our staff’,  ‘Our staff drive our success’   ‘Our teams are collaborative’ , ‘Nothing means more than employee satisfaction’  etc.…

What is the commercial moral compass of your company?

  With all the daily newsfeed reports of companies shirking their due diligence responsibilities, ignoring ‘customer first’ rhetoric and causing untold financial and personal stress to clients and staff, once in a while a company & their specific managers really stand up and by their customers.  

How the OUCH moments can really matter

There are many ouch moments in life.  How OUCH moments turn our businesses  around can be quite  profound.   Its natural also that we have a whinge and  complain about our lot in life at times (albeit some folk whinge constantly and others intermittently – and it sure does feel good to off-load at times).  But the ouch…

Interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts

Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it.   Most hiring managers ask the same banal questions.  Below I outline interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts.  This will  elicit really valuable answers. Both sides enter an interview seeking to learn the truth about each other and yet what is learnt…

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  This week I came across the most abhorrent and unacceptable attitude towards candidates   A discussion was posted on an online forum around advice and tips to assist candidates.   It was a great opportunity to support, encourage and add value.  But I was  gobsmacked.  There it was in black and white the expressed  attitude of many. And whilst…

Reference Checks – Morals, Truths & Tools

“ Sue, I’m telling you this in total confidence and if it ever gets out with my name on it, I will never give a reference to you or anyone again. I like [John Doe] very much, we are mates and play sport every few months and our wives lunch together.  

Interview Behaviours Candidates Must Stop

Interviews (like any business meeting) are a 2 way street. After interviewing over 5,000 candidates and  receiving extensive post interview feedback from hiring companies and candidates, I can confirm there is an absolute 50/50 split in culpability of poor behaviours.   Both  sides often need a firm kick up the behind on manners and professionalism.

How to answer hiring objections to nail the job interview

Lets be honest, interviews are damn stressful – for both parties. It’ s like a 1st date – you desperately want it go well and find you ‘click’.   How to answer hiring objections to nail the job interview is critical. .  Knowing how to answer hiring objections and concerns is critical.  Questions may be asked directly. But…

Hiring Great Sales People – Bring Back The Telephone

  Are you planning to hire new sales staff ?   The SEEK Employment Trend  reports a projected 14% growth for sales and account management roles during 2016-2017.   This is great news as it validates business confidence and growth across  industries.  But this buoyancy means that hiring companies must think differently on how and who they…





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