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Ditch robotic interview scripts

  Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it.  Both sides enter an interview seeking to learn the truth about each other and yet what is learnt is generally  filtered and many steps away from the stairway of full disclosure and transparency.  What should be a  direct, authentic, real and engaging discussion is often jammed…

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

  This week I came across the most abhorrent and unacceptable attitude towards candidates   A discussion was posted on an online forum around advice and tips to assist candidates.   It was a great opportunity to support, encourage and add value.  But I was  gobsmacked.  There it was in black and white the expressed  attitude of many. And whilst…

Real reason you are being interviewed (or interviewing)

  So there you are plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager. You may have found your way there via a job advertisement, a referral or your own career proactiveness.  But however you got there you have a real purpose and  job to do and it’s not necessarily what you think…

The Power of Sorry – Lesson From Victoria’s Premier

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews historical ‘world first  SORRY speech today to Victoria’s LGBTI community in Parliament was nothing short of breathtaking.  His heartfelt sincerity, compassion, contrition, commitment and conviction to righting the horrific wrongs had my heart in my chest and tears soaking my cheeks. I will not try to do justice to the immense gravity…

Reference Checks – Morals, Truths & Tools

“ Sue, I’m telling you this in total confidence and if it ever gets out with my name on it, I will never give a reference to you or anyone again. I like [John Doe] very much, we are mates and play sport every few months and our wives lunch together.  

Interview Behaviours Candidates Must Stop

Interviews (like any business meeting) are a 2 way street. After interviewing over 5,000 candidates and  receiving extensive post interview feedback from hiring companies and candidates, I can confirm there is an absolute 50/50 split in culpability of poor behaviours.   Both  sides often need a firm kick up the behind on manners and professionalism.

How to Answer Hiring Objections

  Lets be honest, interviews are damn stressful – for both parties. It’ s like a 1st date – you desperately want it go well and find you ‘click’. Interviews are a two-way street – both interviewer and candidate are checking each other out to establish if there is a match and ultimately whether both…

Hiring Great Sales People – Bring Back The Telephone

  Are you planning to hire new sales staff ?   The SEEK Employment Trend  reports a projected 14% growth for sales and account management roles during 2016-2017.   This is great news as it validates business confidence and growth across  industries.  But this buoyancy means that hiring companies must think differently on how and who they…




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