The role of butterflies for important & thought leadership content

I was told many ago that if you don’t have a few butterflies in your stomach when publishing a piece of important &/or thought leadership content you haven’t gone far enough on the topic.  

Oh how this tenet is 100% true, as is having your choice of beverage next to your keyboard to soothe the whirling wings.    So what is the role of butterflies in important & thought leadership content>

 And before I dig further, its worth reviewing what  thought leadership truly is, and by virtue thought leadership content?  In this blog  Under the Covers of Thought Leadership & Personal Branding I unpack that and the myths surrounding the terms leaders and thought leadership. :

 Thought leadership is being truly innovative. Thought leaders develop and create unique solutions, ideas and concepts for significant impact and change

 In essence, it’s being courageous, bold and willing to risk being both unpopular and admired.  It’s not just about showing up consistently and sharing information (which is generally shared by others). It’s about having different views and the will to challenge the status quo for a better way.

After all, you cannot be everything to everyone, and not everyone will like you, let alone love your opinion and message.

Courage & Feathers

In her book Dare to Lead,  Brené Brown has a quote that is never far from my life and work daily

If you are a Brené  fan  you will also enjoy my article discussing her book launch Atlas of the Heart with her ABC TV interview on shame & vulnerability here

Calling out the good, bad, ugly & brilliant 

As many of followers know, I’m not afraid to call out the good, bad, ugly and brilliant in the topics and issues I work in.    Ethics, trust and honesty are my business jam which result in both hand clapping and lots of ruffled feathers.  Calling out issues is uncomfortable for others to read.

I am also appreciative and aware that others don’t have the same courage, or its not the right time, for them to call issues out for fear of repercussions.  I am absolutely not judging at all there.  Everyone has their own journey.

 So I am willing to be a voice for others  That motivation harks back to teenage years (but that’s a story for another time).

That all said, I am passionately committed to supporting, educating and inspiring people and businesses to be successful and reach their goals ethically.

This week in media

Those butterflies were very much felt this week as  my 2  punchy and provocative media articles went live.  Feathers were ruffled, thoughts were provoked, conversations resulted.  I know that I only saw a part of it.  But I know that I was absolutely filled with butterflies before the send button was given to the publications. 

And that is a good thing – here are articles:



In Mumbrella I wrote about the introduction of AI generated posts and the plethora of services selling generative AI comment apps on posts.  

A tough read discussing fake influence and manipulation and how generative AI and ChatGPT will, and is accelerating this further.





Then in Kochies Business Builders I took a very cheeky angle to raise awareness of looking like a Desperate Dan or Debbie.  I discuss 7 areas that don’t do your personal brand any favours and 3 areas that risk your profiles being suspended.

Taking your content next level 

Don’t be afraid to share what really matters to do.   If you have something important to share, a new idea, a different way of thinking, know you will feel those butterflies.

A great mindset strategy to overcome fear of publishing content is that it is selfish by not doing so.  In other words, you are doing others a disservice by not sharing your expertise, thoughts and brave solution and ideas.. 

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