What career animal archetype are you?

The year of 2023 will be a very different year for many career professionals and executives.  How people approach their careers will impact  success outcomes when seeking a new job, promotion or career transition.  So what career animal archetype are you?

It’s  important to unpack your job search and career management archetype for the short and long term. 

The job pendulum is shifting again from a candidate  one to a company/jobs market.  As an ex recruiter, I guarantee that this was expected as the pendulum shifts and wanes every few years (or even less).  

So what you do in the good times is as important, if not more so than in the challenging ones. 

How mindsets play out

It got me thinking about the mindsets and approaches people take to their career and future resulting in either struggling, just managing or thriving.  

Aligning animal traits with attitudes is a fun and easy way to raise awareness and self reflection. So I reckon the  following 4 animals capture the main approaches I have observed by both men and women of all ages and professions.

Where do you fit into the 4 archetypes?    

The Ostrich

The ostrich has a real case of FOFO – Fear of Finding Out.  Head in the sand and stuck in their comfort zone. Doesn’t want any visibility. Hesitant to explore their who, what and why.  

The Otter

Playful and gregarious, popping up for socialising and visibility.  Doesn’t take things too seriously and can be a tad flippant and even smug.  Believes there will always be plenty of career fish and offers landing in their pool. 

The Owl

Takes time to analyse, prepare and plan. Over-thinks and can be too cautious leading to procrastination. Often too slow to act and hence misses out.

The Orangutan

Ingenious, deliberate, creative, curious and persistent. Confident in own skin (fur) to adapt, take action or change course as they set their eyes on the goals.


These are overviews and of course, there are nuances in different life and career stages.  All archetypes have positive and negative elements and its about evaluation and doing things more effectively to reach goals and career satisfaction,

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