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BUILD confidence - INSPIRE action - CREATE impact

 Build  Personal Impact & Visibility

Learn how to build and leverage your personal brand & LinkedIn profile

BrandYou Visibility LinkedIN workshop DARE Group

This jam packed 2.5 hour workshop provides tools and strategies to build your personal brand confidently and learn how use LinkedIn effectively.

  • What is a Personal Brand & why is it important
  • How to build your brand authentically - 6  core elements
  • How to build a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn - key strategies to leverage results

The Art of Curious Conversations

Learn how to strengthen marketing and personal branding with curiosity


Developing the art of curious conversations will positively impact  all parts of a business from staff, management, marketing, trust based communications, personal and business branding  The workshop covers:

  • What is curiosity
  • Why is it important
  • What stops curiosity
  • 4 Pillars of Curious Conversations

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and strategically

How to Leverage LinkedIn in 2019 DARE Group

LinkedIn has 10 million registered members in Australia and is  the undisputed No. 1 social media platform for  B2B businesses.  This introductory workshop covers:

  • What is LinkedIn - Overview & Statistics
  • Why: Purpose & Benefits
  • Profile – core pillars to build and position
  • Brand Positioning – how to stand out
  • ECC Strategy : Engage, Connect, Contribute
  • Social Selling & Lead Strategies

DARE to be YOU

Learn how to stand out and communicate you unique personal brand

How to stand out DARE Group Australia

This fun Personal Branding workshop shows how to identify, develop and communicate your  unique market edge.   This workshop cranks up personal branding a few notches so you stand out authentically

  • What is a Personal Brand – Who, What, Why, How, Benefits
  • Know Like Trust – with vulnerability
  • The 6 Core Elements 
  • Strategies and environments 

Build a Strong LinkedIn Team Brand

Learn how to build and communicate a team brand

Team branding DARE Group Australia

If you are ready to really get your whole business and team together to create and implement a new strong market brand then this is a must do program.  Focus is on LinkedIn profiles which can be integrated onto websites About Us sections.

A clear guideline of strategies and tools provided to  support the  team to elegantly align business and personal brands to increase business enquiries and authority.


Develop a Platform of Attraction

Learn how to leverage the 3 business dimensions to build your brand

Magnet of attraction DARE Group Australia

Attraction starts with self-reflection, intention and courage. This workshop whilst gently confronting and powerful will reframe your mindset and future behaviours and actions for success. It has a past, current and future focus. It covers

  • What is business attraction
  • Goals - What do you want to attract and why
  • 3 Business Dimensions
  • Mirror work - getting real and honest
  • Key Platforms to integrate

Feedback from some of our workshops


‘Great start to the conference’ + ‘Appreciated her vulnerability, + Biggest take away’s was that ‘questions are the answers GO HEALTH CLUBS 

Sue has an infectious warm style, shares great stories and is really down to earth. Very inspiring session.  Womens Group, Energy Queensland 

I have run  several LinkedIn & branding training  sessions  for my clients. Sue is an outstanding and entertaining trainer who makes real impact with actionable learnings. Robert Liddle, LBA Accounting Group

Sue tailored a brilliant LinkedIn webinar which was rich with information, value and humour.  One of the most viewed sessions, Sue went above and beyond to ensure a great education experience.   PA Pages Summit

Sue delivered a passionate presentation about Building a Platform of Attraction which was fantastic. Caloundra Chamber of Commerce 





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