Signature workshops can be customised for client’s specific needs. They can be offered as either half or full days based on number of participants and specific client needs.

Follow-up sessions are recommended within 6- 8 weeks to align learnings and practical applications.

Develop a Platform of Attraction

Learn how to be a powerful business magnet


Attraction starts with self-reflection, intention and courage. This workshop whilst gently confronting and powerful will reframe your mindset and future behaviours and actions for success. It has a past, current and future focus. It covers

  • What is business attraction
  • Goals - What do you want to attract and why
  • Mirror work - getting real and honest
  • Key Platforms including Brand, PR. Media, Staff, Clients, Suppliers, Networks

The Art of Curious Conversations

Learn how to strengthen business relationships


Developing the art of curious conversations will positively impact every part of your business. This is workshop is key to humanising your communications to build stronger engagement and trust which leads to attracting and retaining clients and staff. The workshop covers:

  • What is curiosity
  • How is curiosity experienced
  • Why is it important
  • What stops curiosity
  • 4 Pillars of Conversations
  • Circle of Experience Wheel
  • Application & Outcomes

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn to build your business


LinkedIn has over 4 million members in Australia and is THE most effective B2B online platform today. It is an incredibly powerful tool to build your business but it requires strategy, motivation and time. This workshop continues on from our acclaimed EBook and covers:

  • What is LinkedIn - Overview & Statistics
  • Purpose & Benefits
  • Your Profile – core pillars
  • Brand Positioning – how to stand out
  • ECC Strategy : Engage, Connect, Contribute
  • SSI Metrics & Other Tools

DARE to be YOU

Learn how to develop your unique personal brand


This fun Personal Branding workshop shows how to develop a unique market edge with insights, tools and the confidence to communicate USPs and brand differentiators with ease and strength. This workshop cranks up personal branding a notch and covers:

  • What is a Personal Brand – Who, What, Why, How
  • Benefits - why is it important to differentiate
  • Know Like Trust – with vulnerability
  • The 6 Elements (motivation, personality, values, equity, visual, experiencing)
  • Strategies and environments (online, personal, phone, media)

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DARE helps professional and creative service businesses stand up and out to attract their ideal clients with crystal clear clarity and purpose. We do that by showing them how play a bigger and more effective game.

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