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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Hashtags



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Ultimate Guide LinkedIn Hashtags 400 List

Are you unsure of  the best LinkedIn hashtags to use?  Confused how to use  hashtags properly?  Do you waste time searching for relevant hashtags?  Does your content match key topic searches? Do you want to target the right audiences more often and professionally? Want to attract  relevant views to your content?


Then the Ultimate guide to LinkedIn hashtags eBook will be a dream solution of insights and action. The  largest ever researched list of   LinkedIn hashtags in the world.   A world first  of the Top 400 hashtags with a guide and tips to use them will save time, stress and increase your own and clients  content visibility, reach and value. 

The lists metrics were collated and recorded as of 14 April 2020. There will be various changes, movements  of metrics but the general content of hashtags will be consistent.


Sue Parker, Author, DARE Group Australia

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World first research of the Top 400 LinkedIn hashtags with over 60,000 Followers   

              Contains :

  ♦  Guide & Tips 

   ♦  Follower vs Posts Analysis

                   ♦  The Top 25 # List 

   ♦  Top 400 # List: Numerical

     Top 400 # List:  Alphabetical




Ultimate Guide LinkedIn Hashtags




Want to go deeper and unlock insights and data tailored to your business or industry?

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eBook & Business Overview

 eBook plus a 1 page tailored review of the best hashtags for your business (all - below & above  60K)

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Industry Analysis & Whitepaper Reports

Consulting and research project work for industry groups, media, corporations and associations


Sue Parker, Owner of  DARE Group Australia is a well regarded LinkedIn  & marketing specialist  in Australia.  She is a regular columnist and sought after media commentator on LinkedIn and marketing across online & print business media, podcasts, radio & TV including:

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