Unpacking Thought Leadership, Personal Brands & Influencers

The truth about thought leadership, influencers and personal brands.  There is a whole lot of social media noise and opinions on what  is a  Thought Leader,an Influencer and the true orientation of a  Personal Brand. So lets start unpacking it all.

A Minefield of Opinions

It seems like it is a “mind-field” out there, with fake followers being bought by ‘influencers’ and  people trying to elevate their authority status to be ‘viewed’ as a thought leader.  And hey personal branding is the flavour of our marketing times. 

Mind you its just the phrase of personal branding which is new-ish.  The essence has never changed over time.  But the digital highway and age sure has given new roads for the over and mis-use of the labels and desire to become a thought leader and market influencer. 

💢 Personal Branding  Who you Are, What you Do, Your Values, Your USPs What you want to be known for & stand  for  & How you physically present  Then intersect that at the front & back end of how others perceive & experience you.

💢 Thought Leaders  Should have original thought, ideas and solutions. They inspire others along a journey of change and by virtue gain followers and supporters based on their original ideas and solutions. And of course there are great  ‘Leaders’

My  podcast interview with  Digital Delusion is a fun and robust exploration  around this  discussion  with a deep dive into the nuances, challenges and intersection of thought leadership, personal branding and what really is an ‘influencer’.

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