How to tailor your LinkedIn feed

What you see in YOUR  LinkedIn feed starts with YOU ? Sad but true.  We all seek to enrich our time and experiences on the platform and not waste time with content that isn’t relevant or appeals.  So its important to learn  how to tailor your LinkedIn feed.

Tailoring your  feed will deliver improved user expereince,  more meaningful insights, value (whatever that is for you), learning and aligned foundation for the right  engagement to grow your career and business.  It is YOUR feed and unless your tailor it you will be at the mercy of a often disparate and changeable  algorithm that changes too frequently.  Take control of what you see to the best you can

And whilst a perfect feed is out of reach you can make a sizeable impact if you have the courage to follow the 10 tips outlined below.

LinkedIn have a intuitive algorithm to  deliver your ideal content

LinkedIn has an intuitive algorithm and will deliver more of what it believes a user is interested in. And great user experiences benefits LI as the more interested you are in your Feed the greater amount of time you will spend on the platform.  And that is exactly what LinkedIn want (after all it’s a business and has a advertising and fee based model)

Tailor your feed via the posts of 1st connections as below – the 1st degree connection will have NO idea you have Unfollowed or hidden them or hidden  so  don’t be concerned to click and improve.

 Tailor your LinkedIn feed with  10 top tips

Several tips can be activated via the  3 dot ellipsis above and/or on the profile of connections and your own profile

✔️  Change the Feed Sort (top of feed) to RECENT not TOP

✔️ UNFOLLOW connections that post content or are commenting on members posts you don’t like

✔️ BLOCKING PROFILES – unfortunately this is the only way to ensure that you never see unwanted content (ie Oleg or Brigette etc) which occurs via 1st connections engagement.

✔️  Hashtags – search and follow hashtags you like to  customise content topics

✔️  Click ‘HIDE’ on posts, videos, adverts or content you don’t like – AI will pick up sequences of patterns

✔️  Connect with new people more strategically

✔️  Search for more of what topics and companies you really want to see more of

✔️  Engage – Like & Comment on articles and posts you really enjoy.  Displaying good manners  is also a good way to train the algorithm you appreciate members and their topics.

✔️  Connection audit – DELETE those who are not current or relevant

✔️ Improve My Feed – spend time tailoring this section on your profile section

Implement these 10 tips and you will observe quite a difference in your feed experience.

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