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Under the covers of branding & thought leadership

Not everyone is, can be or wants to be a thought leader, major influencer or a big brand personality.  And that’s perfectly ok.  Not everyone should and could anyhow.   But everyone can be relevant, real and the best version of themselves.  In this article I get  under the covers of branding, personal profiles  and thought…

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Do you really know why you are being interviewed?

Why are you being interviewed

Do you really know why you are being interviewed?     Knowing the real reasons can transform your  professional  job search and career marketing experience.  And that leads to better interviews and offers. So there you are plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager. You may have found your way…

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Ghosting damages personal brands and reputations

Recruiters ghosting

In the 2009  comedy, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,  Matthew McConaughey’s character Conor is a notorious flirt who burns and churns women without notice.   Did he show any awareness, or care that his behaviours and ghosting damages personal brands and reputations?  Certainly not in the beginning.. But when the movie brings back the living ghosts of…

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Navigating self doubt

Self doubt in all its nuances is a natural human condition. It is prevalent in both men and women, across all professions, ages and roles. Navigating career self doubt is essential as rarely will anyone be exempt at some point or level. But there are some people who don’t suffer self doubt at all.  They…

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LinkedIn members vote for profiles in the 1st person

The vast majority of Australia’s  LinkedIn members seek to  impress, inspire and influence others in some way shape or form.   And personal profiles are the nucleus for that success.  So what is the best writing style to use? The answer has been given as  LinkedIn members vote for profiles written in the 1st person There…

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Don’t give up on love and your goals

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve tried this many times and it didn’t work’ or ‘I’ve used up all my chances’ or ‘I have nothing left’ or ‘I’m done’, I want no more  relationships?    But it really is worthwhile to hang on, so don’t give up on love and your …

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Standing up for values is an important part of personal branding

Brené Brown famous quote  “you can choose courage or comfort, but you cannot choose both” is a powerful mantra.  Standing up for values is an important part of personal branding.  This  ethos has had particular relevance during the 2019  Melbourne Cup carnival as many took a stand,  albeit nervously against a much loved event and…

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How to Build Personal Brand Authority

How to build  personal brand authority can be one of the biggest marketing challenges professional consultants and  small businesses face .  And particularly so for highly disruptive and competitive  markets that are saturated with content overwhelm Not everyone is, or can be a thought leader, major influencer or a big personality.   But everyone can be…

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Build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out

Negative assumptions  must be minimised at every opportunity whenever possible online.  We build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out.    Albert Einstein famously quoted that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.   Indeed imagination is a glorious attribute that in its positive form is the fuel of childhood wonderment, human and business creativity. Imagination…

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Increase sales enquiries from your website with trust

The website is the nerve centre for every business.   To maximise  enquiries from your website you need to build trust.  How to increase sales enquiries  from your website with trust starts by including every vital information element. Even with the best aesthetics, navigation experiences and quality content, a website that does not provide a range of contact…

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