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Strategies to navigate career ageism

Strategies for career ageism

Ageism is a state of mind, assumption and bias that polarises everyone.   But there are many strategies to navigate career ageism as I share in this article. You may have lost confidence  and/or struggling on the job search application mouse wheel. It can seem like a huge wastage of time? But you know the old…

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LinkedIn updates and news

LinkedIn news and updates

There is never a dull moment on the train of LinkedIn updates and news.  The platform holds steadfast in their reputation as a platform which evolves at breakneck speed.  As of June 2021, a swag of new updates and features have or are being rolled out and landed.  As ever, new features are rolled out…

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Protecting your LinkedIn brand reputation

Protecting and amplifying your LinkedIn brand reputation is essential.  Whether using the platform for  career expansion, leadership development, corporate networking, business sales generation, perception and reputation goes hand in hand. With over 11.2 Million Australian and 756 Million global members, the platform is noisy and competitive.  And with the urgency and quest to  take a…

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LinkedIn members vote for profiles in the 1st person

The vast majority of Australia’s  LinkedIn members seek to  impress, inspire and influence others in some way shape or form.   And personal profiles are the nucleus for that success.  So what is the best writing style to use? The answer has been given as  LinkedIn members vote for profiles written in the 1st person There…

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How to find good marketing services

How to choose marketing services

Marketing and media is central to business growth but how to find  good marketing services is not always easy.  The world has forever changed with entire sectors and individual businesses having either grown, collapsed, barely survived or significantly evolved.  And it will be even more competitive in 2021 as new entrants emerge in the gig…

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How to use content marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the No 1 social media for B2B marketing and content distribution driving 50% of all website traffic.  How to use content marketing on LinkedIn is crucial for success. With over 2 million pieces of content loaded each day and 9 billion impressions the  platform is a bonanza of professional value. Yet only  between …

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LinkedIn cannot be everything to everyone

Businesses and LinkedIn cannot be everything to everyone.  And nor should they try.  You see we don’t venture into a 5 star Michelin restaurant to order a fast food burger or take a camping holiday expecting a gilded infinity pool in a caravan park.  Nor do we expect a bookstore to sell a TV or…

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Why LinkedIn Engagement Pods are a bad idea

This article has been updated in October 2023  Why LinkedIn engagement pods and buying fake followers/engagement are a bad idea is critical to understand as more businesses and career professionals embrace the opportunities of LinkedIn.  See the addition of AI integrated commenting and paid engagement services. Increasing reach and visibility to grow influence is the…

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The buck stops with YOU on LinkedIn

The buck stops with you on LinkedIn.  This blogs shows how to increase success on LinkedIn by taking control of your profile. The diversity of people on LinkedIn runs the full gamut.  From Prime Ministers, global industry leaders, high profile influencers, celebrities, ASX & Fortune 500 directors, SMB owners, practitioners of all vocations, freelancers, junior…

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Buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED

Buying followers on LinkedIn exposed

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals without equal rival and is unequivocally a critical business tool.   However, all that glitters is not gold, and perception does not always match reality as buying followers and engagement on LinkedIn EXPOSED. This article was also exclusively published in Smart Company.  :  All that glitters is…

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