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LinkedIn Updates & New Features – Spring 2021

LinkedIn new features and updates

In a world of great uncertainty there is one sure thing that can be relied on.  And that’s LinkedIn’s never ending array of new features and changes. Indeed change and review is part of the platforms DNA.  As I wrote a few months ago in celebration of LinkedIn’s 18th birthday  there would be more changes…

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LinkedIn members vote for profiles in the 1st person

The vast majority of Australia’s  LinkedIn members seek to  impress, inspire and influence others in some way shape or form.   And personal profiles are the nucleus for that success.  So what is the best writing style to use? The answer has been given as  LinkedIn members vote for profiles written in the 1st person There…

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Top 100 LinkedIn Hashtags

To kickstart the year on LinkedIn, I have researched and updated my list of the global Top 100 LinkedIn Hashtags as of 11 January 2021.  Note this blog is regularly updated.  Download the ultimate eBook   TOP 600 LinkedIn Hashtags Here Updated Lists   here for the  Top 150 LinkedIn Hashtags 2022       Using the right…

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LinkedIn updates and new features

The last 8 months on the LinkedIn highway has been fast and furious. So it was timely for a list of  LinkedIn updates and new features. The platform has seen a 26% global member and engagement growth as reported in ‘Social Media Today’ and various reports. The current crises has clearly driven this swing and simultaneously…

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LinkedIn content preferences revealed

LinkedIn content preferences revealed may change content strategies.   Assumptions and hype without critical analysis and unbiased feedback is a recipe for social media marketing disaster. Every platform holds distinctive value positioning in attracting and retaining members with LinkedIn being the flagship of professionals and businesses.  And great content drives eyeballs, builds trust and commercial relationships.…

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Diving below the iceberg of testimonials and social proof

Hiring new staff or suppliers can be risky business at the best of times.  There are never any guarantees, but without discernment and due diligence the risks increase exponentially.  So diving below the  iceberg  of testimonials and social proof to minimise risk is essential. Small businesses  are particularly vulnerable if a new hire or supplier…

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Why LinkedIn Engagement Pods are a bad idea

This article has been updated in October 2023  Why LinkedIn engagement pods and buying fake followers/engagement are a bad idea is critical to understand as more businesses and career professionals embrace the opportunities of LinkedIn.  See the addition of AI integrated commenting and paid engagement services. Increasing reach and visibility to grow influence is the…

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Likes & Dislikes -Tools & Behaviours for Great LinkedIn Results

LinkedIn members who are dedicated  regular users all agree the platform delivers substantial benefits.   But what would a deeper probe of experiences reveal?   What are the tools and behaviours for great LinkedIn results? Asking members what they really liked and disliked about LinkedIn were important questions. Answers would shine a balanced light on the activities,…

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