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Strategies to land professional and executive jobs

The volume of new senior and executive roles available in market is robust alongside solid competition at the top end.  In this blog I outline strategies to land professional and executive jobs.   So lets dive into them. In this article I share the reasons for interviews, taking a new mindset approach with strategies that will…

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How to use LinkedIn to attract staff

Attract staff on LinkedIn

Are you hiring or planning to hire staff in 2022?  LinkedIn is mission critical in all recruitment. All sized companies and organisations must know how to  use LinkedIn to attract staff.  With over 12 million Australian and 810 million global members, LinkedIn is the most powerful platform on the planet for professionals and all sectors.…

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Navigating the hiring ATS robots

A true story was shared with me recently about Bill (not his real name). Now Bill’s is one of many similar stories I hear around issues of navigating the hiring ATS robots. Bill had applied for a  senior role via an online hiring process.. The organisation was a high profile sporting employer of choice and Bill…

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Keep a foot on the marketing pedal in the good times

The unexpected can blindside even the most successful of professional businesses.   Even in the busiest of times with great clients and brilliant loyal staff unforeseen circumstances can totally shake the equilibrium to pieces.   Small to medium businesses can   minimise client and staff loss by keeping a foot on the marketing pedal in the good times. Successful…

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Interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts

Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it.   Most hiring managers ask the same banal questions.  Below I outline interview tips for hiring managers to ditch the scripts.  This will  elicit really valuable answers. Both sides enter an interview seeking to learn the truth about each other and yet what is learnt…

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