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Strategies to navigate career ageism

Strategies for career ageism

Ageism is a state of mind, assumption and bias that polarises everyone.   But there are many strategies to navigate career ageism as I share in this article. You may have lost confidence  and/or struggling on the job search application mouse wheel. It can seem like a huge wastage of time? But you know the old…

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Ghosting damages personal brands and reputations

Recruiters ghosting

In the 2009  comedy, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,  Matthew McConaughey’s character Conor is a notorious flirt who burns and churns women without notice.   Did he show any awareness, or care that his behaviours and ghosting damages personal brands and reputations?  Certainly not in the beginning.. But when the movie brings back the living ghosts of…

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Attract clients with experience branding

Everything we do, write and say will either attract or repel others.   It’s simply part of the human condition and universal law.  And whilst some reactions appear neutral, I guarantee that deep down there is a leaning to one end of that pendulum.  Businesses need to attract clients with experience branding. Experience branding is the…

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How to use content marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the No 1 social media for B2B marketing and content distribution driving 50% of all website traffic.  How to use content marketing on LinkedIn is crucial for success. With over 2 million pieces of content loaded each day and 9 billion impressions the  platform is a bonanza of professional value. Yet only  between …

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Don’t give up on love and your goals

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve tried this many times and it didn’t work’ or ‘I’ve used up all my chances’ or ‘I have nothing left’ or ‘I’m done’, I want no more  relationships?    But it really is worthwhile to hang on, so don’t give up on love and your …

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Why LinkedIn Engagement Pods are a bad idea

This article has been updated in October 2023  Why LinkedIn engagement pods and buying fake followers/engagement are a bad idea is critical to understand as more businesses and career professionals embrace the opportunities of LinkedIn.  See the addition of AI integrated commenting and paid engagement services. Increasing reach and visibility to grow influence is the…

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The buck stops with YOU on LinkedIn

The buck stops with you on LinkedIn.  This blogs shows how to increase success on LinkedIn by taking control of your profile. The diversity of people on LinkedIn runs the full gamut.  From Prime Ministers, global industry leaders, high profile influencers, celebrities, ASX & Fortune 500 directors, SMB owners, practitioners of all vocations, freelancers, junior…

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Build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out

Negative assumptions  must be minimised at every opportunity whenever possible online.  We build business and brand trust by being visible and stepping out.    Albert Einstein famously quoted that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.   Indeed imagination is a glorious attribute that in its positive form is the fuel of childhood wonderment, human and business creativity. Imagination…

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Get your personal brand in order BEFORE all other marketing

If you are in any type of  service based business (professional, creative or trades) your personal brand is truly the  jewel in your marketing crown.   So it’s crucial to get your personal brand in order before  all other marketing.   Prior to investing and diving into a website, digital campaigns, PR, social media and marketing activities spend…

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How to keep out of LinkedIn Jail

Many people are in  LinkedIn jail but have NO idea that each day their sentence gets extended (sad but true).  Knowing how to keep out of LinkedIn jail is so important. I originally wrote this in March 2018 and will regularly update it as needed. The algorithm beast, AI  and engineering back end processes mean…

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