Spray & Pray LinkedIn Sales Messages are Ineffective

Want to stand out and differentiate  your personal brand?

Sending  personalised and interesting LinkedIn  messages and campaigns will achieve stronger sales results and make your personal brand memorable.  Sure  it takes some effort and thought but the rewards are huge.  For my clients and most service businesses is a quality vs quantity marketing objective.

We all receive  new sales and business development messages from our 1st degree connections. Often they are automatic plug in tool  generated with no substance and personalisation.  Indeed just  nothing more than ‘spray and pray’.   And of course the worst is when the invitation to connect has a  sales pitch – eeew

It makes us feel like we are just a number and  part of a flock of unvalued sheep – not very inspiring at all. It’s counter productive on LinkedIn  if we are seeking to build business relationships to  send  the spray and pray generic  messages that far too many  people do.

After all  messages ‘ostensibly’ come  from a real person to another real person – unless via automation (hmm – more frequent than it should be).  We are all human yet close to 75% of initial sales and business messages are just generic, salesy and dull. Even if not automatic tool plug in generated most people dont take the time to craft a inspiring message.

Lets also be fair, we are all on LinkedIn to sell and promote something and do business.  Business development & sales messages are totally appropriate.  But its the HOW and the finesse.

A few tips :

🔹 Show your personality – after all people engage with people they like.  Have some fun, banter  if appropriate.

🔹 Reference to the person/profile – show you took the time and care about them and their business

🔹 No Spam / in face pitch on the 1st message

🔹 Demonstrate your research to the  business sector

🔹 Express understanding of issues on their industry

🔹 Ask thoughtful questions – show you are interesting and interested

🔹 Non pressured & clear – when people feel pressured they back away.  Show value and offer to discuss.

🔹 Value based links & attachments

Take the time to differentiate yourself  from the 100s of other boring spray & pray messages.

As always quality over quantity  ✔️

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