Feedback from happy clients

Matthew Cage, Hydra Digital

Having known Sue for some time now I have always been impressed by her depth of knowledge, experience and ability to apply it insightfully and practically to cut through in a noisy marketing space.

Hydra Digital  have always been able to rely on her exceptional technical and creative knowledge of LinkedIn and how to maximise results to help me and my network. 

In my experience, Sue's strength in defining and positioning personal brand values and strategies to cut through the noise is unique in this space.  Sue really goes the extra mile and is a great networker with a wicked sense of humour.

Sue Mills, Sassy Marketing & Communications

Sue is direct and great fun with an uncanny ability to get to core of who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve. She calls a spade a spade but really cares about her clients and their success. 

Sue’s  expertise and knowledge about all things LinkedIn and Personal branding is second to none. She also has a real gift of the written word and her profile and copywriting skills are likewise second to none. A great person to have in your camp who I can trust to deliver every time.

Robert Liddle, LBA Accounting

Sue recently delivered another  terrific LinkedIn workshop to a group of my commercial business clients in Melbourne. During the morning session, Sue educated and entertained with clear examples and tools. 

She really knows her subject and a few clients had very technical questions which she was able to answer immediately. Everyone felt more inspired and able to use LinkedIn more effectively. Thanks Sue, highly recommend your training. 

Alex Kelly, NSW

Sue was an absolute pleasure to work with. She takes a deep and genuine interest in you as a client, but also as a person. Sue really takes the time to understand what your real motivating forces are and helps focus your energy in the right way. Right from the first introductory phone call, Sue really pushes you (in a great way) to challenge yourself and any preconceived beliefs/biases you may have. Sue would be great asset for any individual looking to strive for more, and get out of their comfort zone. 

Diana Domenech, Dianalytix Websites

Working with Sue over the last few months has been fantastic. She really cares about her clients so will challenge them and gently push them out of their comfort zones.

As a website service, my market is very competitive. Sue was able to really define my personal style and unique points of difference then communicate them authentically.
Sue has also taught me a lot about LinkedIn and I'm seeing great results from her methods. Thank you Sue for being so generous, great fun and supporting my business.

Michael Noon, RPM

Sue has a direct and no BS approach which was exactly what I needed this year as I launched my business. She is a great listener who has a deep understanding of the challenges faced in building and communicating a new business / brand. Sue can see through issues quickly and helped me decipher clear direction and brand value. Sue created innovative profiles and marketing documents that saw immediate results on LinkedIn and other marketing activities. She knows her stuff, is fun to work with and went above and beyond for additional requests even at short notice.

Sia Shamsai, DBA Services

Sue is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's got a great process for getting to the heart of what makes you unique within your industry and a real mastery for words when it comes to "performance tuning" your LinkedIn profile as a proper lead generation tool (rather than static online resume). Thanks for all your help Sue!

Rebecca Grace, Aggregate Group Consulting

Sue was awesome at helping me rediscover the motivation and goals for my business.  Sue used this information to distil a concise core offering and personal brand.  No easy feat! The whole process was challenging yet fun. An excellent communicator she comes highly recommended. 

Leanne Layfield, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Sue is bold and not afraid to challenge ordinary thinking!  She brings a ton of knowledge to the table and shares her experience generously.  Sue delivered a passionate presentation about Building a Platform of Attraction which was fantastic.  I would absolutely recommend Sue to business owners wanting to look deeply into what they are doing to present themselves in a human and engaging way.  

Sandy Madden, NSW

Sue is amazing to work with and I if you need someone to talk and walk you through a transition time in your career she is worth her weight in gold! What a great mentor, advisor and writer. Highly recommend time with Sue for anyone needing a bio or cv rework or just a sounding board session or two on new chapters of overall career direction.

Rainer Grote, Helfie

I have engaged  Sue across a range of communication projects throughout 2017.  She is a fantastic coach and writer who really takes the time to understand personal  and business challenges and needs.  She is brave, fun to work with and always delivers. Sue is a great asset for companies and executives in building and lauching their  market positioning. 

Wayne Aitken,Director, VIC

Sue has a unique style which ensures easy engagement, clarity and creativity in personal branding and positioning.  Working with Sue this year has been invaluable across social media and market positioning of my brand.   She takes considerable time to understand her clients and deliver targeted communications and strategies.  Highly recommended.

Dave Spicer, Stackd Design

I am so impressed with what Sue Parker has managed to do for my business in such a short period of time. During my engagement with Sue I received so much more than just a sparkling LinkedIn profile - Sue also clarified my branding tagline, outreach strategies, and then proceeded to research and engage in strategic partnerships which have resulted in 20x the engagement cost. 

In my experience with Sue, she was caring yet quickly addressed the real issues. I found her straight shooting to be so refreshing. I have also seen the positive results she has delivered others also and couldn’t recommend her highly enough for B2B sectors.

Dora Bebonis, VIC

Sue is the most amazing person. She is highly professional, hugely experienced and deeply committed to providing a service which goes a million miles beyond the call of duty. In my recent career transition she managed to strip away any fears, anxieties and indecisions, replacing them with insightful guidance and invaluable advice.

Her unique, very personal and tailor made approach achieves outstanding results. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She is brilliant at what she does

Alex Geers, FinTech, MFB Solutions

I have known and worked with Sue for many years now and through out this period she has always operated with integrity, honesty and treated people with respect.  As the pace of change in business continues to increase, it will become increasingly important to make better branding and engagement decisions. I would recommend companies commit to a different approach and send their  managers and leaders to a workshop with Sue. 

Margaret Nicholls, QLD

Sue's approach was unique in the way she utilised her questionnaire to understand how you ticked as a person, and build a picture to assist a unique resume.  Sue takes the time to listen, build confidence in your skills and leave you with a very personal experience. If you want to refresh your CV, need some coaching, or to reassess your career direction, I would highly recommend Sue to assist you

Margaret Nicholls, QLD

Sue's approach was unique in the way she utilised her questionnaire to understand how you ticked as a person, and build a picture to assist a unique resume.  Sue takes the time to listen, build confidence in your skills and leave you with a very personal experience. If you want to refresh your CV, need some coaching, or to reassess your career direction, I would highly recommend Sue to assist you

Michael Pollard, VIC

I have known Sue and worked with her now for more than 10 years. Sue cares about her clients and goes above and beyond in a market where that is not the norm. In an ever-changing staffing, sales and communications landscape, Sue shares valuable insights and expertise with businesses and individuals so they can positively navigate real-world professional challenges. 

Simon Popley, Coaching Leadership

I engaged Sue as an expert in LinkedIn marketing and branding to grow  my business Coaching Leadership. Sue invested time and a genuine curiosity to understand the distinct client group we partner with. Her knowledge and insights into how clients engage with LinkedIn and media are outstanding. 

Sue distilled how we work with complex client groups and skilfully crafted this into messaging that connected with the client groups we wanted to attract more of.

Sue is a talented and highly ethical marketing and media professional, she is pragmatic and a lot of fun to work with. I would highly recommend engaging Sue if you want to grow your market and brand presence. Sue has become our trusted advisor and go to person, in all matters marketing and media.

Greg Morgan, VIC

I had the pleasure of Sue coaching me across executive career transitioning. Sue had an uncanny knack to totally re-focus my personal brand across multi-platforms.

With Sue’s years of working in the trenches as a recruiter, she knows all the pit falls, nuances, good and bad with the entire recruitment process. That skill takes years to develop which is invaluable to executives to reposition their next career step. One of the things that's remarkable about Sue is that she combines not only mastery for her services but deeply cares about her clients and their future.

Richa Mehta, VIC

Sue is a fantastic career coach with innate ability to understand people and what drives them. She is genuinely interested and goes over & beyond to help her clients put their best foot forward. She is warm, honest and bold in her communication. 

John Broadbent, Realise Potential

I'd witnessed Sue's contributions on LinkedIn for almost a year and understood that unlike a majority of those who use social media to 'look at me', Sue showed a genuine interest in helping people leverage their experience to make a difference in the world. 

When I decided to leave my business and step out into the world with a fairly complex mishmash of stuff I do well, I approached Sue to help me unpack all of this into a cohesive personal brand. 

Sue's knowledge of personal branding and LinkedIn, which are nothing short of superb, supported me in developing a communication and LinkedIn strategy that coalesced my objectives.

If you want a no-bullshit person to support you in your personal branding and LinkedIn journey, Sue's that person!


Katie Martin, PA Pages

In putting together my PA Pages Annual Online Summit in April 2018, I wanted to include a powerful session on LinkedIn. Sue Parker was an obvious choice, as her knowledge of all things LinkedIn is exceptional. Sue tailored a brilliant webinar which was rich with information, value and humour. 

Her session had one of the highest views across the 5 days and feedback was that it was one of the most useful sessions on the program. Sue is very generous with her time and went above and beyond to ensure a great education experience. 

If you are looking for a webinar or workshop presenter on anything LinkedIn and branding, Sue is the person to work with.

Greg Pritchard,Lead N Edge Consulting

Sue has a refreshing style. She is 'DAREing businesses to thrive' and at the same time she dares business owners to stand up and account to their potential clients, to say who they are and what solutions they provide.

Her message is strong and challenging and the benefit of learning from Sue is not simply awareness but powerful clarity - the sort of clarity that makes potential customers wish for the problem that your solution provides - just because your copy captures their attention and confidence.

Alexandra Marshall, NSW

Sue and I connected on Linkedin through a common interest in a post. Twelve months later, I found myself in need of a job search coach. Sue immediately sprung to mind. Sue’s initial consultation exceeded my expectations. The commitment and dedication to support my career reboot was evident.

I felt like her only client. Our process involved a Q&A, CV review and coaching. I learned things about myself I never knew. Gained new perspectives, new appreciations and most importantly, empowerment. Sue is a mentor and an ongoing support person. My outlook on my career and approach to my future has changed. A motivator, discoverer and realist.

Adam Laws, VIC

Sue, has been a fantastic support to me in my quest for a new role. She brought great energy to the process of understanding me as a person before rebuilding my CV, and often challenged my thinking in an extremely positive manner. Her assistance through out the job seeking process has been amazing, and with out doubt she has made a massive difference to my confidence not just in job seeking, but overall.

GO Health Clubs

‘Great start to the conference, well done’   +  ‘I found Sue  engaging, and started off the day’s session with a positive direction’  +   ‘She was extremely informative and one of the biggest take away’s from the conference for me was  ‘questions are the answers’   +   ‘Appreciated her vulnerability – it  really opened me up to her and her message. Great’

Jason, Thomas, de Montaigne Strategic Consulting

Sue went the extra mile and spent extra time with me. Her deep marketing experience was easily applied to my situation which was vital in setting me up into the next phase of my business.

Sue's skills in personal branding and knowledge of LinkedIn were fantastic, I am highly appreciative of Sue's contribution and follow-up. She is passionate about branding and genuinely cares about you as a client.

Amanda Ray, QLD

It is my pleasure to give Sue a recommendation.  She  helped  refresh my CV and gave me some wonderful interviewing tips.  I would strongly recommended anyone who is thinking of changing careers to contact Sue for a personal branding session.

Ross Fazel, QLD

I have known Sue for over a decade and she has consistently displayed a deep understanding of career and recruitment practices and procedures.  She has  a forthrightness second to none and a sense of humour to make all dealings a pleasure to conduct. Sue is adept at seeing past the gloss to uncover the true metal underneath and will got he extra mile to assist and aid all she comes in contact with. I would commend Sue to any and all persons seeking these attributes in a business partnership.

Caroline Lovett, Energy Queensland

Sue presented an informative and fun session on  Brand YOU to  Energy Qld’s Informal Womens Network. Sue has an infectious warm style, shares great stories and is really down to earth. She knows all the tricks and nuances in building a personal brand and the elements that create confidence and empowerment.    I would recommend her workshops highly.

Brendon Mitchell, VIC

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Sue.   Her ability to navigate multiple  channels across LinkedIn made a dramatic difference in the uplift in traffic to my career brand and profile.

Sue’s writing skills and know-how would be an asset to anyone looking to build a strong personal brand.   Her  tenacity, straight talking style and clear communication makes working together easy.    I give Sue my highest recommendation and encourage using her services.

Angela Rodgers, AR Copywriting

Sue is an incredible source of knowledge on all things branding and LinkedIn. She's got an eye for what works for your brand and has a finger on the pulse with the latest updates and opportunities on the LinkedIn platform.

And most importantly of all, she's a lovely person. Generous with her time and knowledge, and always looks out for opportunities to connect people in her network. If you're thinking about working with Sue, DO IT! You'll be glad you did.

Grant Ferry,GRF Consulting

While contemplating my future business direction I engaged Sue  The process we went through was a revelation of self discovery. We extracted my core talents and then looked at the value in the market place and my my true value proposition. This included not only my business USPs and  professional networks but packaging that into a future focussed framework to maximise. Thank you Sue, I would recommend you to any business  looking for new and clear direction.

Angela Ucci, Lexington Financial

Sue was brilliant at helping me understand my personal brand and communicating it.  I would highly recommend Sue as a Business &/or Personal coach.







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