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Personal & Business Branding

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Having an authentic and influential personal brand is the core of business success. Without a clear and defined powerful brand business struggle to capture and retain clients and market share. It is critical that you have a brand that is visible, powerful and authentic and resonates to your target audience.

Personal and business branding is multi layered but the key purpose is to stand out and be seen and known for all the right reasons in your chosen market. But looking, sounding, thinking and being like everyone else just wont do that. A strong personal brand positions you as the trusted expert in your field. It is not just what you say, behave and look like but also how others perceive you and what they say when you are not in the room. Reputation and branding matter.


Having a powerful personal brand positions you as a trusted expert in your field, builds market confidence and is the foundation of attracting new clients and business credibility,

Branding & Communication Packages


Diamond Growth Package

This package is not called Diamond without foundation.  It is the signature program  for B2B professional business owners and consultants who are ready to really step up and out. If you are determined to own your market space and attract high value  ideal clients then this package takes you from survive to thrive.

To become and be seen as a ‘market authority’ or ‘go to trusted expert’ a  strong value proposition, unique personal brand and service differentiation  are the foundation for every piece of branding, marketing and social media engagement.  This program gives clients crystal personal and business branding clarity, a marketing roadmap and the confidence  to DARE to thrive.  Covers:

Discovery Clarity Session  Who, What, Why, How, Values, Goals

Blueprint  Report – Personal and Business brand differentiators, USP positioning, Marketing & Media recommendations, LinkedIn strategies, Content direction, Tagline Concepts, Referrals and more

LinkedIn Profile -Full re-write, re-branding, optimisation & settings

LinkedIn - Training &/or Targeted Connection Campaign

PACKAGE -ClarityBranding Package

Clarity Branding Package

This package will give you clarity and a clear roadmap to position your personal and business brand.

Working one-on-one we will identify and amplify key skills, market differentiators, USP’s, industry influence, objectives, communication style and personal presentation.

This is a fun and insightful package to give you confidence and clarity.

It also will guide all other marketing, media and sales communication activities with powerful and consistent messaging.  It covers:

Discovery Clarity Session – Who, What, Why, How, Values, Goals

Blueprint  Report – Personal and Business brand differentiators, USP positioning, Marketing & Media recommendations, LinkedIn strategies, Content direction, Tagline Concepts, Referrals and much more


PACKAGE - Team Branding Package

Team Branding Package

Business & Personal Branding alignment across the team. Visions, missions, goals, ‘the vibe of the business are unpacked and unified to a consistent platform.. Communication strategy to get clarity on the team voice to elegantly align personal branding into a cohesive business strategy across the business and social media.

Personal and Business Branding Strategies include:


Visions - Goals - Values


6 Core Pillars of Brand Development


The Power Of Vulnerability


Niching Strategies




Communication Tool


Confidence Building


Target Market Identification


Business Market Differentiators


Company Impact


Elevator Pitch Development


Media Platform

People I've Worked With... And What They Say

Michael Noon

Sue has a direct and no BS approach which was exactly what I needed this year as I launched my business. She is a great listener who has a deep understanding of the challenges faced in building and communicating a new business / brand. Sue can see through issues quickly and helped me decipher clear direction and brand value. Sue created innovative profiles and marketing documents that saw immediate results on LinkedIn and other marketing activities. She knows her stuff, is fun to work with and went above and beyond for additional requests even at short notice.

Michael Noon

Resource-Project-Management (RPM)

Rebecca Grace

Sue was awesome at helping me rediscover the motivation and goals for my business.  Sue used this information to distil a concise core offering and personal brand.  No easy feat! The whole process was challenging yet fun. An excellent communicator she comes highly recommended. 

Rebecca Grace

Aggregate Group Consulting

Caroline Lovett

Sue presented an informative and fun session on  Brand YOU to  Energy Qld’s Informal Womens Network. Sue has an infectious warm style, shares great stories and is really down to earth. She knows all the tricks and nuances in building a personal brand and the elements that create confidence and empowerment.    I would recommend her workshops highly.

Caroline Lovett

Energy Queensland, Brisbane

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