Is your LinkedIn headline powerful or fluffy?

LinkedIn is essentially a networking database and like Google is a powerful search engine. But fluffy headlines can hurt LinkedIn success.  A powerful LinkedIn headline will increase your success.

A  strong   headline without fluff  is critical – it must be clear, searchable and relevant.   Your headline is the window to not just your profile but the way Google and other search engines interface with LinkedIn.

And Boolean searches on LinkedIn will quickly narrow down the field to your area of expertise with a strong headline.  People don’t search for fluffy sentences ie:  financial wizard  helping business soar high, human  interventionist,   workplace caped ninja etc

Keywords are the hooks to show relevance, purpose and skills.   The headline is not the right space for pure sales pitches, fluff or  rhetoric.  Use  your  Banner real estate & summary sections to go to town with your taglines, personality and  USPs.

A few good examples:


Tips for a great headline 

You have 120 characters to use in your headline -so use them very wisely. On iOS mobile there is the ability to increase that character limit, but personally I don’t recommend it.  The 120 character limit should focus you to succinct explain what you do.

  1. Think about how clients and prospects would search and label your services ?  Then use those keywords – ie  Change Management,  HR, Recruiter, Copywriter, Web Design,  Family Law, – you get the drift.
  2. Think about the clients you work with – do you have specialist niches?  Keywords to describe that not only is great for search but demonstrates capability and resonance.
  3. Think about the key problems you solve -can that effectively be woven in to the 120 characters.  This is a grey area and discernment advised. Be direct in how you write that.
  4. Never just only have your job title and company name.  Add detail and skills to show long range value. Ditto as a business owner.  Be memorable, clear and relatable to your business brand.
  5. Do NOT put a  mobile number or email address in the headline. It not only looks desperate but is  against the LinkedIn User Agreeement   (each profile section is  designed for  designated information only)
  6. Keep metrics out of the headline (ie 500 recommendations, 50,000 connections, improve sales by 200%)

If once you have added the key descriptors and searchable words of what you do there is a bit of room left in the 120 characters – feel free to use a bit of fluff BUT be discerning.

And don’t forget that the Banner on your profile is the ideal place to showcase the creative and value add you provide.  Use this really important part of your profile – make it zing and be on brand (be it quirky, creative, intellectual, inspiration, professional)

For further help in crafting your headline, banner and profile,  download our free Ebook How To Leverage the Power of LinkedIn.

Remember your Vibe on LinkedIn attracts your ideal client tribe


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