Great New LinkedIn Features – Spring 2022

Almost Spring here in Australia and the global roll out of LinkedIn features and tools continues to delight.  Following are 3 great new LinkedIn features.  They have a lot of value and creative options.


Now this is a very interesting new feature rolling out.  I just got it today and did a test shot below. Only available on the mobile App at present but should roll out to desktop also.

 The debate of whether to include a link inside a post is as long as the question of which came first the chicken or the egg.    Truth is that including a link in a post didn’t really impact reach in recent times. . And including a ‘see link in comments’ was a crappy user experience to say the least. 

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You can add more than one link to an image which will hyperlink to the URL when clicked. I would only recommend one as it could be confusing. Easy to add on the App with options to add stickers and other text information. 

Official LinkedIn information on Clickable Links here


Has someone left a brilliant comment on your post? Want to make sure everyone sees it? Then this is a terrific new feature to highlight rich conversations and input of value.  Or a comment is so darn witty and funny it deserves to be in lights.

 I really like the idea of pinning a comment to the top of your post. Rolling out at the moment it is absolute proof of just how important engaging and commenting is for visibility, deeper conversations and enjoyment of content.   

 LinkedIn clearly want to encourage more engagement and it is also a great tool to support others in your community with genuine focus.  Not sure if it will be available on both mobile or desktop.  

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It’s easy peasy to pin a comment on your post.  1.   Click the  More icon in the upper-right corner of the comment that you want to pin. 2.   Click Pin comment. The comment will appear at the top of the thread and marked Pinned comment. A message appears stating that the comment was successfully pinned.

Official LinkedIn information on pinning comments here


 This feature is also rolling out on mobile. I think it will be great for people who don’t post often or don’t have access or knowledge of Canva and other content creation tools.

 This article in Social Media Today  shares:  “Choose from dozens of customizable backgrounds and fonts, add your own text, and hit “Share”. You can even add a clickable link onto templates to encourage your audience to take action.”

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As ever it’s about appropriate use, strategic intent and consideration of user experiences.

Official LinkedIn information on templates here

These will be all rolling out from now with desktop integration following.

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