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What are the LinkedIn Updates and News so far in 2022?  As of May there has been some fabulous new features rolled out.  Read more below plus statistic updates and media and editorial editorial news direction,

Membership & Statistics

LinkedIn now has over 850 million global and 12.7 million Australian members (July 2022).

The latest Q3FY22 from April 2022 report lists a  a 34 percent increase in marketing solution revenue and a 22 percent increase in platform engagement. 

Great New Features

Here are four significant features that have real grit for businesses and leaders..

Website Link on Profiles

This is such a long awaited and brilliant update.   Right under the headline field with Creator Mode activated, you can add a live URL hyperlinked to any website or page.

Adding a personalised description to encourage clicks, it’s an awesome user experience tool and engagement feature. Easy to set up from the Edit drop down box. Once the Website option appears when you click your Edit bingo, off you go.  Check how it looks and links on my profile here.

Currently available to members with Creator Mode ON. Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer says it will be rolled out fully soon.     More information on Website Links and set up here

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Lead Generation Forms 

Excellent new feature for Company & Showcase Pages. Flexible lead generation form tool with CTA’s and description field of offering or contact point.

 A Privacy Policy URL is required to be created before a Lead Generation Form can be set up. Learn more about the Privacy Policy here.

More information on setting up the Lead Generation form here

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Workplace Module 

Section in Company Pages to list top workplace and HR policies that employees care about. 

With candidates rigorously researching and evaluating new employers and organisations online this is a great tool for organisations as part of their talent attraction toolkit. 

Organisational values and ethical employee policies impact employee trust. Read my blog How Leaders Personal Brands Impact Employee Trust here 

More information on the Workplace Module here

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Newsletters for Company & Showcase Pages 

Newsletters are being rolled out for publishing under LinkedIn (Company)  & Showcase Pages (with a minimum of 150 Followers) . This is significant and will be essential for large organisations and companies who have a strong Follower base.

Like Newsletters currently from personal profiles, they are subscriber and notification based with Google indexing SEO juice. The same elements apply to set up a Company or Showcase Page Newsletter. Newsletter Overview information here  

Information for setting up Newsletters for Company pages here

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Engagement from Company Pages

Company page admins and owners can elect from the drop down box if they want to react, comment or share as a company or personal profile.

Only available on Desktop presently, it should be rolled out to Mobile soon (hopefully).

The value is immense and having this option will help build a stronger company brand and page Following. With strategic and appropriate use it will be a great tool to drive eyeballs to Company pages.

More information here


Editorial Teams Global Expansion – Media Value  

In April, Press Gazette reported that ‘LinkedIn is tripling the number of editors it employs in the UK as part of wider growth that will see it employ nearly 200 journalists worldwide’.

This is important for PR, organisations and media publishers to factor as the intent of the Microsoft owned platform is to grow their market positioning as a formidable news distribution source alongside collaborations with international and national media channels. Publishers and news will be further integrated into the News pages.

NB: The LinkedIn News Australia page has over  579,116 subscribers (as of 15 May)   News UK, 1.3 million, News Asia, 2.3 million and News (Global) 8.6 million

There are a host of other updates around LIVE & AUDIO functionalities as they roll out and the platform continues its Creator Mode impact.   Hashtags will continue to drive both members posts and classification segmentation.


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