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LinkedIn has over 10  million subscribers in Australia with 42% using the platform daily and weekly. It offers unrivalled opportunities to connect, engage, attract new clients, validate referrals & credentials, build networks, source staff, find new suppliers and build your brand and visibility.  The scope is endless.

It is no longer a nice to have but a must have  if you are serious about growing your business and consultancy in the B2B sector.

All  services are  tailored and  delivered via group workshops, personalised one-on-one consulting or  programs. We do NOT  have a  total profile management outsource service (vs a campaign drive) as we believe  ongoing success comes from clients managing their profiles internally with designated staff and systems.

LinkedIn Services include:


LinkedIn Branding


Content Curation


Strategy Development


Profile Optimisation


Profile Writing


Company Pages


Team Alignment


Expert Authority Positioning


Sales Attraction Tools


Training Sessions


Boutique, hands on,  marketing and brand focused.  We tailor and customise for every clients needs.  A Quality vs Quantity with unique strategies and actions so clients can achieve the impact they seek on LinkedIn. We DON'T automate or outsource.

LinkedIn Power Session DARE Group

  Unlock - Demystify - Leverage - Enjoy - Succeed Impact & Difference Guaranteed 

A robust  and empowering  90 minute session that will make a real difference quickly  (guaranteed).  The session time  (phone, zoom or skype) is yours to tailor as needed.   It may focus fully  on your profile, or a combination of elements and needs   The focus is to empower your use and success.

A session can cover (but not limited to) :

  1. Profile Audit - direction and improvements
  2. Profile template & Ebook
  3. Do's & Dont's, Compliance
  4. Connection  strategy and building networks
  5. Tools  &  features 
  6. Content  curation and posting strategy
  7. Groups, company pages, subscriptions etc
  8. Tips for success

A questionnaire is sent on booking confirmation. This is a  checklist on the areas of to cover to guide the session for a successful outcome and impact.  

Profile Spark Packae DARE Group

  Profiles to build personal brand authority,  expertise positioning and inspire action

Inspiring people to connect and engage  with you starts from your personal LinkedIn profile.  It's the LinkedIn mothership to all social networking and selling opportunities so  it must be powerful, clear, authentic and engaging.   

We will create a profile you are proud of, that  instantly clarifies and showcases your genius, style, value and your why!   But most importantly it will be an attraction magnet for your  ideal clients and  networks.

This package includes:

  1. Questionnaire (tailored)
  2. Consulting Session (90 mins) Phone or In Person
  3. Personal branding blueprint and positioning 
  4. Fully rewritten and optimised Personal profile
  5. Fully rewritten and optimised Company Page
  6. Endorsement Alignment & Additions
  7. Contact & URL Updates
  8. Banners, Logos & Photos loaded (and designed if required)
  9. Edits x 2 as required and follow-ups


Targeted Campaign

 Tailored Short Term Campaigns for Professional Social Selling & Strategic Connecting 

You have an outstanding and inspiring LinkedIn profile,   fantastic website and value add content. The services you provide,  the problems you solve and your marketing USPs  are clear and engaging.  So now it’s time to crank up your LinkedIn success with  proactive targeted campaign and approach to increase visibility, position your brand proactively in front of your ideal targets  and start  valued business and sales  conversations.

Clients who get the best results from this are seeking targeted visibility and market alignment but with a  QUALITY vs QUANTITY  campaign mindset and purpose. This is a hands on  (non automated) campaign with analytics. 

This package includes:

  1. Analysis of target market & develop a clear strategy
  2. Research and refine ideal target clients 
  3. Build a target lists 
  4. Craft unique personalised messages 
  5. Follow Up emails and requests
  6. Reports &  follow-up data
  7. Content direction & development  (if required)

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How to use LinkedIn to attract clients

Download our free E-book to assist you with success on LinkedIn.  Topics include:

Why LinkedIn is so powerful today

How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of Know-Like-Trust

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette

Leverage LinkedIN

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