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As of July 2020 LinkedIn has over 706M global  & 11+ M subscribers in  Australia with 48% using the platform  weekly. It offers unrivalled opportunities to attract clients, validate credentials, build networks, find staff,  source suppliers and build brand visibility.  LinkedIn is essential if you are  serious about growing your business or career.

LinkedIn Services:


LinkedIn Branding


Content Curation


Strategy Development


Profile Writing & Optimisation


Company Pages


Team Alignment


Social Selling & Messaging


Group & Individual Training




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 Services can be stand alone or fully tailored programs and solutions.   Below are two general  standard services which can be booked online. 

All other training and  programs will be tailored on an individual basis.


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  Unlock - Demystify - Leverage - Enjoy - Succeed Impact & Difference Guaranteed 

A robust  and empowering  hands on 90 minute session that will make an immediate impact  (guaranteed).  The session time  (phone, zoom or skype) is yours to tailor as needed.   It may focus fully  on your profile & personal brand positioning or a combination of elements and needs   The focus is to empower  confidence and  success.

A session can cover (but not limited to) :

  1. Profile Audit - direction  and improvements
  2. Personal Brand positioning
  3. Do's & Dont's, Compliance
  4. Connection  strategy and building networks
  5. Tools  &  features 
  6. Content  curation and posting strategy
  7. Groups, company pages, subscriptions etc

A questionnaire is sent on booking confirmation. This is a  checklist on the areas of to cover to guide the session for a successful outcome.  

222 test

  Profiles to build personal brand authority,  expertise positioning and inspire action 

Inspiring people to connect and engage  with you starts from your personal LinkedIn profile.  It's the LinkedIn mothership to all social networking and selling opportunities so  it must be powerful, clear, authentic and engaging.   

Creation of a  profile you are proud of, is not from a cookie cutter and uniquely 'you'. It will instantly clarify and showcase  your genius, style, value and your why!   But most importantly it will be an attraction magnet for your  ideal clients, career growth and  networks.

This package includes:

  1. Questionnaire 
  2. 60 Minute Consulting Session
  3. Fully rewritten and optimised Personal profile - incl  brand positioning, value statements, taglines. banner
  4. LinkedIn (Company) Page (Business clients)  - create and optimise
  5. Alignment & Additions Contact & URL Updates Banners, Logos & Photos loaded (and designed if required) Edits x 2 as required and follow-ups

Workshop - The Power of LinkedIn

Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and strategically

How to Leverage LinkedIn in 2019 DARE Group

LinkedIn has over 11 million registered members in Australia and is  the undisputed No. 1 social media platform for  B2B businesses.  This introductory workshop covers:

  • What is LinkedIn - Overview & Statistics
  • Why: Purpose & Benefits
  • Profile – branding  core pillars 
  • Brand & Content Positioning 
  • CEC  Connect, Engage, Contribute
  • Social & Content Strategies
  • Tailored to each client


Recent Media Articles

How to use LinkedIn to attract clients

Download our free E-book which does NOT put you on a Opt In email funnel.  Topics include:

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Why LinkedIn is so powerful

How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of value

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette

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