LinkedIn Recommendations Matter = Social Proof

Having current and valued   recommendations on LinkedIn serves many  purposes.  It certainly adds to LinkedIn’s SEO and Google search.  But the key is that it provides the best social proof because it public vs anonymous.

Whether you are building sales, networks, finding high staff or suppliers how others have experienced you forms a core part of your personal brand.

But not enough people ASK for them & GIVE them.  As recommendations are linked to  profiles the level of  trust and social proof it builds is powerful.

People will not put their name on a public recommendation  unless  they are willing to have it stand up to verification and scrutiny.    The Endorsement sections on LI are in my opinion pretty useless (apart from listing skills – which is critical you do )

But there is no context just a tick without proof of ever experiencing you.   Recommendation are where experience meets context = GOLD

Remember that the mosaic of your brand is multi dimensional.    I am as keen to hear from a persons clients as much as their suppliers and staff.   And many businesses are now realising that to minimise risk a fuller range of testimonials show the true window of a person and business.

The simplest format  to write them for others (or ask for them if someone is unsure what to write is with the  CAR Model & Personal Insights.

CONTEXT of relationship/problem/job

ACTIONS or work, process, products (name the service if possible)

RESULTS & impact. Personally and commercially if relevant.

Personal Insights – share  something of the person, and how you experienced them – authentically. Minimise cliches, robotic jargon, corporate speak and  banal comments.

Write and give recommendations as you would speak them if possible – in your voice.  And hey remember in giving them – dont be too over the top (unless that is your true style of communication).

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