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LinkedIn has over 8 million subscribers in Australia. It offers unrivalled opportunities to connect, engage, attract new clients, validate referrals & credentials, build networks, source staff, find new suppliers, Increase Company and personal brand visibility, and elevate PR etc. The value and scope of knowing how to use and leverage LinkedIn is endless.

It is no longer a nice to be, try to be on it but a MUST DO and BE if you are serious about growing your business and consultancy in the B2B sector.

All programs and services are delivered via training sessions. company workshops or one-on-one sessions. 


Our process is transforming as we work with clients to Identify, Package & Promote their unique brand, value and business on LinkedIn.    Our approach is Quality vs Quantity with powerful  communication and marketing tools for  success and impact.

DARE Targeted LinkedIn

You have an awesome LinkedIn profile,   fantastic website and value add content. The services you provide,  the problems you solve and your marketing USPs  are clear and engaging.  So now it’s time to crank up your LinkedIn success with  proactive targeted campaign and approach to increase visibility, position your brand proactively in front of your ideal targets  and start  valued business and sales  conversations.

Clients who get the best results from this are seeking visibility and market alignment but with a  QUALITY vs QUANTITY  campaign mindset and purpose. This is a hands on  (non automated) campaign with analytics. 

This package includes:

Analysis of target market & develop a clear strategy

Research and refine ideal target clients 

Build a target lists 

Craft unique personalised messages 

Follow Up emails and requests

Reports &  follow-up data

Content direction & development  (if required)

Profile refresh

Inspiring people to do engage  with you starts from your personal profile. It - the LinkedIn mothership for everything.  It must be powerful, clear, authentic and engaging. 

DARE do not write standard, jargon filled profiles.  We spend the time to craft unique value propositions and your purpose, missions and visions.

You will have a profile you are proud of, that is instantly clear on what you do  and how you do it and your why! 

But most importantly your profile will be a powerful attraction magnet for your  ideal clients, networks &  target markets  !

This package includes:

Questionnaire (level based on prior sessions  )

Fully rewritten and optimised Personal profile

Fully rewritten and optimised Company Page

Endorsement Alignment & Additions

Contact & URL Updates

Company Logos and banners loading and design

Banners, Logos & Photos loaded (and designed if required)

Acce;erator Package that changes the way SMEs identify, package and promote their business value


Identify, Package & Promote YOUR Unique  Brand & Value  

This package is the  signature program  for B2B  business owners, coaches  and consultants who are ready to really step up and out NOW.  If you are determined to own your market and attract high value  ideal clients then this package takes you from survive to thrive.

To become and be seen as a ‘market authority’ or ‘go to trusted expert’ a  strong value proposition, unique personal brand and service differentiation  are the foundation for every piece of branding, marketing and social media engagement.  This program gives clients crystal personal and business branding clarity, a marketing roadmap and the confidence  to DARE to thrive.  The package covers: 

Branding Clarity Session  Intensive and empowering 3 hours. Who, What, Why, How, Values, SWOT, Goals

Blueprint  Report – Personal and Business brand differentiators, USP positioning, Marketing & Media recommendations, LinkedIn strategies, website and content direction, Tagline Concepts, Referrals and more

Website Branding-  Strategy & writing of  key branding and messages

LinkedIn Profile -Full re-write, re-branding, optimisation, pages & settings

LinkedIn Training & Support -   2  hours   Basic to Advanced skills. How to connect, engage, generate leads, content share and targeting strategies.   Incl Video & eBook

Follow-Up Sessions  2 x 1 hour phone, skype or in person coaching  sessions 


LinkedIn Communications & Strategies include:


LinkedIn Branding


Content Curation


Strategy Development


Profile Optimisation


Profile Development & Writing


Company Pages


Team Benchmarking Alignment


Expert Authority Positioning


Sales Attraction Tools


Secret Algorithm Tips

How to use LinkedIn to attract clients

Download this free E-book to start attracting networks and clients to your business. The e-book includes:

Why LinkedIn is so powerful today

How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of Know-Like-Trust

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette


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DARE helps professional and creative service businesses stand up and out to attract their ideal clients with crystal clear clarity and purpose. We do that by showing them how play a bigger and more effective game.

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