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LinkedIn has over 8 million subscribers in Australia. It offers unrivalled opportunities to connect, engage, attract new clients, validate referrals & credentials, build networks, source staff, find new suppliers, Increase Company and personal brand visibility, and elevate PR etc. The value and scope of knowing how to use and leverage LinkedIn is endless.


Having a powerful profile and marketing strategy on LinkedIn will ensure that your business is building a highly visible platform of attraction in your market. This results in a consistent stream of new business and growth.

LinkedIn Packages


Diamond Growth Package

Want to really step up and stand out and be a powerful business and network ? Then this signature one-on-one package across LinkedIn & Personal Branding will accelerate your personal and business brand to the next level. You will get absolute clarity on your market value and positioning and have a LinkedIn brand that will be a powerful magnet for networks and new clients.

A comprehensive combination of the Clarity Branding & Refresh Package with a total overhaul and rewrite of personal LinkedIn profiles, images and optimisation. Can also include a company page re design and optimisation.

PACKAGE - Refresh Package

Refresh Package

Personal profiles rewritten and optimised. Can include a re-written and linked company page, logo and optimisation. This package ensures your LinkedIn profile is market and objective focussed.

PACKAGE Team SSI Package

Team SSI Package

Team Social Selling (SSI) Strategy Package Working with all staff profiles to to align the key objectives of LI and ensuring all branding and selling strategies are consistent and on brand. Includes group training and contribution strategy and posting accountability.


Targeted Campaign Program

You have a great website and LinkedIn profile.  The services your provide, the problems you solve and your marketing USPs are  clear. So now it’s time to get your brand in front of your ideal targets and start  valued business and sales conversations. But most people get the process wrong and repel prospects without a strategy that builds trust and alignment.  Automated generic volume campaigns are at best spray and pray. The most successful results on LinkedIn come from a well researched, targeted and bespoke campaign and communication strategy. This is a hands on  (non automated) campaign with analytics. 

PACKAGE -Direction Package

Direction & Content Package

LinkedIn strategy aligned to content Package. This will get your business higher visibility by positioning you and your expertise as a subject matter and go to expert in your sector We review business objectives and strategy and direct a content and engagement plan to attract ideal clients, networks and staff. Can also include content planning and writing, lead generation templates and video strategies.

LinkedIn Communications & Strategies include:


LinkedIn Branding


Content Curation


Strategy Development


Profile Optimisation


Profile Creation &Writing


Company Pages


Team Benchmarking Alignment


Thought Leadership Positioning


Sales Attraction Tools


Secret Squirrel Tips

How to use LinkedIn to attract clients

Download this free E-book to start attracting networks and clients to your business. The e-book includes:

Why LinkedIn is so powerful today

How to create a dynamic profile

Building a platform of Know-Like-Trust

CEC – 3 core pillars of success

Engagement tips and etiquette


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