How to Avoid LinkedIn Jail

How to avoid the “LinkedIn jail”


A cracker headine isn't just for big business  

A cracker tagline is not just for the big end of town


Interview: Influencers, Personal Brands & Influencers

  Keep out of LinkedIn Jail  

Keep out of LinkedIn jail



Unpacking Mens Careers. 


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Using Story to Attract your Tribe ..... part of the Engage with Story podcast series ..


smartThere are five applicants for every entry-level job in Australia: Here’s how your SME can find the best candidate...


50sowhat Striking  Out Age Bias...........





2UE Sue Parker DareGroup Hiring Attitudes Radio InterviewQuick Elevator Pitch Tips on Radio 2UE - Podcast elevator-pitch 


Brisbanetimes logoHiring Benefits of Age  Diversity    Parker adds .So when you're interviewing people for jobs, it's more about examining whether the candidate can solve the challenges and issues the role will face, rather than assessing them based on their age,"

SMH DARE Group Sue Parker Hiring Three Benefits of Hiring Older Workers  Career coach Sue Parker is the founder of DARE Group. She works with many people who are over 50 and, as someone in the age bracket, understands the value they bring to a workplace

mydeal  How To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment   Let’s be real, work is stressful. You can spend hours  sitting in front of a screen, mulling over projects .......

MY BUSINESS cropped   Build Trust & Stop the Excuses  Want to build your personal brand and business reputation?....

smart Make sure you've got the right attitude to hiring

Sue Parker, hiring strategist at DARE Group, told SmartCompany SMEs can fall into the trap of having the wrong approach ...........

smart Three ways to set your business up for success in 2017 

If you’ve hired new staff to start in the year ahead, now’s the time to start building relationships, says recruitment specialist Sue Parker, founder of DARE Group

  MY BUSINESS croppedDoes your business have a strong moral compass?

Rarely do we see a business admit a mistake and make restitution, guided by a strong moral and commercial compass. However, doing so may be the key to attracting the most skilled jobseekers

smart Queensland Apple store rocked by staff “ What to do when staff behave badly 

Cases of employees acting in ways that contravene a company’s policies also raises questions around recruitment and cultural fit. Founder of SME consultancy Dare Australia Group, Sue Parker, says..............

MY BUSINESS cropped7 Tips for conducting better interviews

   Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic. Both sides seek to learn the truth about each other, yet what is learnt tends to be so filtered   and often .....

Business Insider   The real reason you are being interviewed       

 So there you are plonked down firmly in front of a recruiter, HR or direct hiring manager. You may have found your way there via a job advertisement, a referral or your own career proactiveness ....


 LDP   Why interviewers need improvisational training

Job interviews are quite absurd and ironic if you think about it. Both sides seek to learn the truth about each other, but what transpires is filtered and miles away from what is needed.


AmbitionRevolution AmandaBlesing 

 The 'secret sauce" on preparing for performance reviews

Sue says: My #1 tip is to kick out old style performance appraisals and change the appraisal  framework from an ‘annual judgement of the employee’  to a ‘monthly direct, authentic, real and engaging check in’ of goals ..........


   Does the recruitment industry get a bad rap from HR? 

Sue Parker of DARE Group believes is a widespread lack of confidence and trust in the recruitment industry. The biggest reason for this is, she says, the underpinning belief that "recruitment  is first and foremost a sales business.”..........


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