Imposter Monster Syndrome

How to beat the Imposter Monster Syndrome in small business is so important.  As humans we are all subject to feelings of self doubt.  But it  can cripple us and keep us  in a state of  anguish.    It manifests in many sneaky ways – procrastination, not investing in self, turning away opportunities and fear of  stepping out and selling yourself  and your business.

Comparison Monster 

And it often coincides with the pesky  Comparison Monster.  How often do you waste  time and energy  comparing yourself to your ‘ostensible’ competitors  It does your head in doesn’t it?.   I know because I’ve been there and its such a motivational killer.  We should all be focused on L&D, industry best practice and  research. But you will know when an activity is motivated by growth (aka empowerment) or negative comparison (Imposter Monster).

The Imposter Monster affects even the most highly acclaimed business leaders and celebrites in the world – no one is immune and is felt indeed by most high achievers.

I recently also read research that the Imposter Syndrome is more acutely felt by people with high EQ & IQ because the more they know they realise there is much more they don’t know. A hunger for learning and knowledge is almost a compulsion and such people are very hard on themselves hence the creep of the damn monster.  My tool to knock the monster on the head is to remember  :

No one does exactly what you do in the exact same way you do it ”

Connecting with and owning your  Personal Brand is  key to minimise the  Imposter Monster syndrome   Once you work through and really  harness your super powers, skills and unique value the  monster loses its power. And don’t forget that no one is perfect.  Even those who appear to ‘have it all’  and doing amazing things are generally like ducks – paddling like crazy under the surface to stay afloat at times.   Only difference is in the vulnerability and willingness to admit it.

Check out this fabulous video by  Glen Carlson  and how he navigates his own monster by being the Enthusiast, Explorer & Guide

Here are some great  links to read to understand more about the beast and how to silence it so your business or career THRIVES.


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