LinkedIn Profiles – write in the 1st person

Should  LinkedIn profiles be written in the 1st or 3rd person?  This question can be cause of much confusion.  It is your personal profile and owned asset so should be written in the 1st person (whether you write the profile yourself or outsource).   The  only exceptions can be of course for the super famous, politicians or very high profile leaders.

The 1st person style is simply more personable, engaging  connected and inviting.   Whereas the  3rd person style simply sounds and feels pretentious, ego driven, pompous and dis-connected.   The notion that 3rd person profiles are more professional, hold more gravitas and impact is total nonsense.  Often it can produce distrust via  the delivery tone of achievements and  self importance  intention.

Clever Writing Knacks

There are clever writing knacks  to combine a 1st and 2nd person   style  to position a personal  brand message  with seniority and kudos in a factual manner.   I have written the profiles of the most senior board directors of ASX organisations through to junior career seekers over the years.  It is the craft and skill to elegantly show credibility, industry positioning and authority messaging.  Every summary’s tone, style and cadence is unique to the person, industry and objectives and is generally  more powerful and truly engaging in the 1st person. .

LinkedIn Company pages are   generally  fine in 3rd person. And the 3rd person narrative is always the appropriate style for media releases, bio’s & speaker announcements etc.

So unless you want to portray a vibe of aloofness & self  importance your LinkedIn profile is best written in written in the 1st person. 

Perceptions don’t always equal reality, but they can and you don’t want to give off  the wrong vibe up front.

What is the Vibe of Your LinkedIn Profile

For tips on how to build a great profile with tone, graphics and your backstory have a read of What is the Vibe of Your LinkedIn Profile  

What sort of tribe do you want your profile to attract?


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