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Are you a professional or senior executive who is: 

Seeking a new role?  Changing  career direction?  Ready for  promotion?

Success in either goal rests on  having  clarity of your  value and purpose,  an inspiring personal brand  and powerful communication strategies and tools to confidently make a impact,  open or break down doors and stand out.  And for the over 45yo,  market challenges must be  met with powerful creative solutions.


How we help: 


Sue Parker tailors career services to meet each client.  With  25+ years of marketing communications,  branding, LinkedIn and sales experience, Sue also owned a media recruitment agency for 11 years.   This gives clients a real edge with a insider perspective from  of all sides of the career fence.   

DARE applies the same powerful principles of  business development success to the career process.  Having an equal business owner mindset  is crucial in achieving goals.

Services cover six  areas and can be stand alone or packaged



Profile Writing - Basic to Advanced Training -  Personal Brand  Positioning Profile Power Session


Personal branding  and career  clarity  session and action report. Who-What-Where-Why-Visions-Missions-Goals


Proactive & Reactive Strategies   Confidence & Mindset Coaching  Targeted Communications  


Fully re-written and re-branded - Feedback Consultation -  Tidy Up Refresh & Overview


Recruitment Role Plays - Objection Handling - Mindset Reframe -  Leadership & Follow-Up Strategies



 Bio's for brand positioning - Executive 1 page brochure - Flexible Speaker & Media Bio's 

    ♦   SERVICE FEES      

As every career client is unique with specific needs, many of our services above are quoted on a  individual basis  based on time, detail  and complexity required.

The signature  Career Clarity & Marketing Package  below has a standard fee which is booked and paid online.  Hourly consulting services are provided as needed.   Fees will not break the bank but are not bargain basement either.

Payments can be made via  Credit Card (Paypal & Stripe)  or  direct EFT Tax Invoice



Feedback from a few career clients

Sue has a unique style which ensures easy engagement, clarity and creativity in personal branding and positioning. Working with Sue this year has been invaluable across social media and market positioning of my brand. She takes considerable time to understand her clients and deliver targeted communications and strategies.

Wayne Aitken, VIC

While contemplating my future business direction and aspirations I engaged Sue Parker. The process we went through was a revelation of self discovery. We extracted my core talents and then looked at the value in the market place, not necessarily the same old corporate competitive roundabout, but my my true value proposition. This included not only my business USPs, professional networks but packaging that into a future focused framework to maximise. 

Grant Ferry, QLD

Sue’s initial consultation exceeded my expectations.  I felt like her only client. Our process involved a Q&A, CV review and coaching. I learned things about myself I never knew. Gained new perspectives, new appreciations and most importantly, empowerment. Sue is a mentor and an ongoing support person.  A motivator, discoverer and realist.

Alexandra Marshall, NSW

Sue has challenged my way of thinking about myself and opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. Her methodology is tried and tested and she has this ability to cut through the noise and develop the sound bites that I needed to navigate the crowded market. She’s also able to make the profile and resume more truly reflect the personality behind it.

Brad Bloomfield, VIC

Sue, was  a fantastic support to me in my quest for a new role. She brought great energy to the process of understanding me as a person before rebuilding my CV, and often challenged my thinking in an extremely positive manner. Her assistance through out the job seeking process has been amazing, and with out doubt she has made a massive difference to my confidence not just in job seeking, but overall.

Adams Laws, VIC

Sue was an absolute pleasure to work with. She takes a deep and genuine interest in you as a client, but also as a person. Sue really takes the time to understand what your real motivating forces are and helps focus your energy in the right way. Right from the first introductory phone call, Sue really pushes you (in a great way) to challenge yourself and any preconceived beliefs/biases you may have. Sue would be great asset for any individual looking to strive for more, and get out of their comfort zone.

Alex Kelly, NSW

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Sue.   Her ability to navigate multiple projects and channels  across LinkedIn made a dramatic difference in the uplift in traffic to my brand and profile.

Sue’s writing skills and know-how would be an asset to anyone looking to build their personal brand.   Her  tenacity, straight talking style and clear communication makes working together easy.   

Brendon Mitchell, VIC

Sue  helped me refresh my CV and gave me some wonderful interviewing tips.   I would strongly recommended anyone who is thinking of changing careers to contact Sue for a personal branding session.

Amanda Ray, QLD

It’s rare that you come across someone like Sue.  Sue had an uncanny knack to totally re-focus my personal brand across multi-platforms. With Sue’s years of working in the trenches as a recruiter, she knows all the pit falls, nuances, good and bad with the entire recruitment process.  One of the things that's remarkable about Sue is that she combines not only mastery for her services but deeply cares about her clients and their future.

Greg Morgan, VIC

Sue is amazing to work with and I if you need someone to talk and walk you through a transition time in your career she is worth her weight in gold! What a great mentor, advisor and writer. Highly recommend time with Sue for anyone needing a bio or CV rework or just a sounding board session or two on new chapters of overall career direction.

Sandy Madden, NSW

Sue is a fantastic career coach with innate ability to understand people and what drives them. She is genuinely interested and goes over & beyond to help her clients put their best foot forward. She is warm, honest and bold in her communication. 

Richa Mehta. VIC

Sue is the most amazing person. She is highly professional, hugely experienced and deeply committed to providing a service which goes a million miles beyond the call of duty. In my recent career transition she managed to strip away any fears, anxieties and in decisions, replacing them with insightful guidance and invaluable advice. Her unique, very personal and tailor made approach achieves outstanding results. 

Dora Bebonis, VIC

I am confident now  how I  want to move forward in my career after working with Sue and our  clarity sessions.  She has been so amazing with all  her support and been a  guiding light.

Rosemary Enguix

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