Conquer self doubt with clarity

Every single human on this earth has gone through feelings of self doubt at some point. And the question is how do you conquer self doubt with clarity.   Irrelevant of  age, gender, profession, race,  appearance or personality, self doubt is part of the human condition. But often self doubt  becomes truly debilitating and relentless stopping smart people  moving forward and taking ownership of their value and opportunities. 

And when that happens the tunnel of doubt gets deeper and like an addiction, life is disrupted and each day feels like a grind. It’s not good for mental and physical health as many will start to feel impact broadly in and out of their working lives.  Self doubt can impact professional and personal lives equally..   

Oprah Winfrey shares that every person she interviewed be they  presidents, movie stars to heads of state always asked after the interview  was that ok    “Everybody just wants to know that you heard me, you saw me, and that what I said mattered”

And studies show often that  highly intelligent people and women and women  in general have more angst and self doubt.  So without further ado, the below is a collation of my top 8 mindset flips to stop self doubt and keep a lid on it.
Click on the arrows at the  the bottom of the image to run through all 8 tips .

Whether you are building a business, looking for a new job, navigating your executive professional career  or transitioning into a new field, these mindset tools are worth keeping close by.  We will all feel doubt, that’s normal.  its how long we sit and wallow that matters.  So keep a lid on it and give yourself a break.
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